Is this the future?
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I still can't get over this situation: the town of Mattawa, Washington, which is said to be no less than 93 percent Hispanic, is now being forced by the DOJ to provide city services in Spanish. This is for the sake of the 8 in 10 residents whose English is inadequate.
I posted a link to the Seattle Times article on this over at the Forum, and it indicated that the town has grown, in the last 20 years, from a population of about 300 to its current total of 3200. And from all appearances, virtually all of this explosive growth is due to immigration.
I would bet, too, that probably close to 100 percent of the immigration is illegal.
Think about those numbers, and also contemplate the fact that Washington state is not exactly a border state -- well, not a Mexican border state. Occasionally on various forums there is discussion of the rural Northwest being a good place to go to escape the immigrant tidal wave. Can I assume that we are all now disabused of that overoptimistic idea? The Northwest is not immune from the diversity epidemic, and what illegal immigration fails to do, the government will 'fix' by dropping a few thousand 'refugees' down here and there.
The VDare piece linked above emphasizes the necessity of assimilation; once I would have agreed without thinking. Yes, speak our language and defer to our ways of doing things once here in our country. But is assimilation a cure-all? No. Some immigrants, as I've emphasized before have assimilated outwardly, speaking English and participating in our mass culture -- but have nonetheless kept their old allegiances and identifications, and have not grown to be fully American.
I also question whether all CAN assimilate to our ways. I believe the more distant from us ethnically, the less likely to be able to truly assimilate. Culture is part of our genetics; it can't be changed like a suit of clothes as the pollyannas believe. And many, if not most, of today's immigrants have no wish to assimilate and be like us.
The other obvious issue is that assimilation is simply not workable or possible when we have such overwhelming numbers of immigrants from everywhere being deposited on our doorsteps. Assimilation only worked in the past because the numbers of immigrants were more manageable, and because we had a system which required that immigrants learn our language and conform to our ways. Nowadays, the system thwarts the process: with the emphasis on 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism', and aided by our lack of cultural pride and confidence, assimilation is impossible .
And in a way, I think this is good. Separation of incompatible groups of people is sometimes the only workable solution, contrary to our official government policy of throwing us all together in The Big Blender.
Assimilation, I think, is a false hope; as an ideal, it only delays our day of reckoning. It gives us the illusion that we can all coexist in this ever-more-confused 'nation of immigrants', and that we can all 'get along.'
Surely people will one day wake up and see that assimilation is really not possible in our present situation. In fact, if any assimilating is done, it will be our assimilation to the invaders' culture.
The remaining non-Hispanic people in Mattawa, if there are any, will either have to Hispanicize (via intermarriage, or simply conforming to Hispanic culture) or leave. Mattawa may be the future for a lot of us.

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