Whose America?
0 comment Wednesday, May 28, 2014 |
Watching recaps of Monday's demonstrations on the news channels, I am struck by several thoughts: first, the most honest coverage was by Lou Dobbs on CNN. Even Fox News, which trumpets its 'fair and balanced' approach, tended towards political correctness in its coverage.
Second, I am ever more convinced, the more I see of the protesters, that they do not grasp even the most rudimentary principles of how our country works, or is supposed to work. The marchers are under the misapprehension that our policy is dictated by whoever musters the largest protest march and shouts the loudest. Come to think of it, maybe it remains to be seen whether they are in fact right; we are approaching the moment of truth, when we will see whether our politicians continue to appease and kowtow to the illegals and their manipulators, or whether they will behave as true representatives of the citizens of this country. The jury is still out.
A question that occurred to me as I was watching the protests in progress the other day was, just what are the illegals protesting? Why are they so angry? From where I sit, they have the media solidly on their side, giving them fawning coverage, whitewashing the ugliness of the slogans, covering up the sporadic violent incidents, and then they have our craven politicians pandering to them and courting them shamelessly. We have a President who is moving heaven and earth to grant them amnesty. We have a Congress full of venal politicians climbing over each other to offer favors to the illegals. What on earth do the marchers have to complain and shout about? It's American citizens who have reason to be marching angrily and making demands.
Many of the illegal protesters carried signs denouncing Bush; this shows their utter ignorance of American politics; they are disparaging their most ardent supporter in America.
John O'Sullivan writes a column in the Washington Times, asking just who are the demonstrations aimed at?