The fruits of intelligence
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At Steve Sailer's blog, there is a post on National Merit Semifinalists, and of course the Asian issue becomes the main point of discussion in the comment thread.
At the time I am writing this, there are 164 comments, and only one or two of them seem to come to the obvious conclusions.
It's rather ironic that a number of posts accuse the regular posters of anti-Asian bias, which is amusing to me because I see just the opposite among that group of commenters: they admire Asians, specifically East Asians, to an almost fawning degree. They are very much in awe of the high IQs of East Asians (although usually credit is given to 'Asians' in general) and of their superior academic skills and study habits.
It seems to be widely accepted, even on the pro-White right, that East Asians are much more intelligent than Whites. Fine; credit where due. But as one or maybe two commenters imply, if high IQs and academic prowess don't result in a people's homeland being more liveable and more well-functioning, then are they really as super-intelligent as most seem to think them to be?
Why are so many of the people from the high IQ East Asian countries bound and determined to leave and to come to the West? Oh yes, we know, for ''opportunity'' or ''a better life.'' But why not use that superior brainpower to create opportunity and a better life in their homeland?
As always, I am a big believer in results. Intelligence will out. The highly intelligent, or those of ''superior'' minds, should be able to create countries that are liveable, countries where people are not eager to escape. Of course, the Japanese have created a very liveable and safe society, given that no society is perfect. All credit to them.
However the rest of East Asia hardly looks like the work of intellectually superior people.
Having high intelligence on paper is insignificant if no proof is shown in the kind of environment these superior intellects create for themselves.
Or maybe, as some commenters suggest, something besides IQ is at work in making successful countries -- or individuals.
One thing that exasperates me (still) is the almost-universal belief that 'culture' shapes people; to me, this idea is a cop-out, a way of avoiding the elephant in the room: race, and the differences in abilities among the various races. Perish the thought that we might consider that the people themselves produce the culture, and it reflects their innate qualities and strengths and weaknesses. Where, for heaven's sake, does the vaunted Asian culture, with its emphasis on learning and academic success, come from?
The people make the culture, not vice versa. And genetics, to a great extent makes the people.
But it seems many Americans are wary of any such thoughts. So we go on pretending that, exposed to the right cultural influences, all races could achieve at the same level. Right.

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