The French troubles
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I've been attempting to follow the situation in France, with the riots by immigrants, and now the murder of a young Frenchwoman. Here, the BBC reports on the situation, telling us that Sarkozy is holding riot crisis talks, and meeting with the parents of the boys whose accidental deaths provided the pretext for these riots. He is promising an inquiry into the deaths, which of course their ethnic 'community' claims is necessary because there was police misconduct or brutality.
When Sarkozy was elected, I expressed some skepticism about his conservative bonafides; the mainstream Republicans still adore Sarkozy, thinking him to be our kind of guy, a tough man of action. Yet from what I have been reading, his appointees have been rather liberal and politically correct; I think he is as conservative as George W. Bush, meaning: not very. But nonetheless he is in charge now, and we'll see if he can deal with this crisis adequately, or if it will be more of the same, resulting in prolonged low-grade warfare on the part of the 'disaffected youths' (read: Moslems).
Tiberge at Gallia Watch has been doing sterling work on covering the situation, as has a Canadian blog, Covenant Zone
From GalliaWatch, Tiberge quotes a French blogger, Bernard Antony, who writes some very strong commentary on the situation.
Tiberge gives an English translation of Antony's post which is in French. Referring to the murder of a young woman during the course of these riots, he says
'The racist scum of this civil war shows no emotion over the murder of Anne-Lorraine.
Anne-Lorraine, a young Frenchwoman, a young Christian woman, was murdered while heroically resisting the monster who was attempting to rape her. This murder did not trigger a single riot. And yet, at the very least, the early release of criminals ought to result in demonstrations in front of the Ministry of Justice.
To become indignant, as some did before, over the use of the term "scum" by Nicolas Sarkozy, would once again be unfitting. For they are indeed barbarous and racist scum engaging in a war of aggression and destruction against everything connected to the common Good, to social order and to security.
But now we are all waiting to see what the government of Mr. Sarkozy is going to do to prevent any offense being done to the triumphant scum.
We can easily imagine how such rioters would be treated in China, Russia, Algeria, Israel or the United States.
This war of conquest by ever more self-confident hordes is the result of the collapse of the State; of the widespread ideological justification of anarchy and violence; of the complacency, even the active complicity of a whole camarilla in the media; of the bad immigration policy of course; of all the ingredients for self-denigration and guilt spread throughout our society by humiliating ideologies.
If repressive measures against savagery are obviously needed immediately, what France fundamentally needs is an intellectual and moral reconstruction.''
[emphasis mine]
Tiberge comments on Antony's statement about how the rioters would be dealt with in the U.S., noting that we have been very easy on criminals in recent years. And I would add, too, that our easiness on criminals varies with the race and ethnicity of the perpetrators. What comes to mind for me is the Mardi Gras riots in Seattle several years ago, in which rioters beat to death a young man
The someone who got murdered was a white man, 20-year-old Kris Kime, who tried to rescue a white woman from being trampled by a black mob. Mr. Kime, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports, "was smashed over the head with a bottle, and kicked and stomped by a group of men." The police stood aside and did nothing.
The reason the police did nothing? That's exactly what they were ordered to do.''
They were reportedly ordered to 'stand down' rather than provoke further violence by arresting or manhandling the rioters.
It appears that the same idea is being put into practice in these French disturbances: don't get them even madder by arresting them or using a weapon against them. Don't create martyrs among them; don't provoke them.
So as a result, innocent citizens are sacrificed in the name of political correctness.
This is what happens when liberal ideas prevail; our police and military are hindered from doing the job they are paid to do by politics, by ideologies. And people die as a result. Ultimately, the casualties will include the civilization itself, if this course is not altered. Civilization has to withstand barbarity with force sometimes; without a righteous use of force in the protection of the law-abiding citizenry, then the lawless use of force wins the day and prevails, and civilization is no more when that happens. Then 'mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.'

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