Assault on citizens by invaders
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Via Immigration Watchdog:

The United Church of Christ in Simi Valley, CA is harboring an illegal alien fugitive named Lilliana. Save Our State and No More Invasion have held protests every Sunday for months.
This past weekend three members of No More Invasion were viciously attacked by four Hispanic vigilantes that live directly across the street from the United Church of Christ. The Americans were simply standing on the sidewalk in front of the church holding signs and American flags when they were attacked.
Two young Hispanic women (one in her 20�s, the other 17) and two Hispanic men in their 20�s walked across the street to the American protesters and assaulted them. The vigilantes attacked the elderly man without warning, scratching, and punching until he was bloody. Then they attacked the American women. The Hispanics vigilantes pulled their hair and scratched them while the male Hispanics hit them with fists.
Read the rest at Immigration Watchdog.
I wonder if this will convince the people who insist that Hispanic illegals are hard-working family values people who just want a better life?
Nah. Some people are impervious to reality, and these kinds of attacks have happened before, with little notice being taken.
What will it take?

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