Flight and fight
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I've just recently been spending some time looking at City-data.com, which provides statistics on many things about towns and cities in all 50 states. The information is on things like population, demographics, housing, education, crime rates, and so on. The website is one option for those who, contemplating ''flight'', are looking for a decent place to which they might relocate.
As I explored the website, I found this list of ''High-growth cities with relocation interest"
There are 100 cities listed there. I'm not familiar with many of the cities listed, but my curiosity is piqued by this list. Many of the cities look like prime destinations for illegal (and legal) immigrants, for example, #17, Los Angeles, and #19, Las Vegas. #1 and #4, Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas, respectively. But I wonder how many of these places are popular destinations for people fleeing immigration and ''diversity"?
The site also has forums which enable visitors to post questions on a given locality and which allow those questions to be answered by posters who live in the area, or who have knowledge of it.
The one thing I notice from reading the forums is the sheer numbers of people who seem to be on the move in this country, or at least contemplating a move. Perusing the forums, a reader can get the impression that we are a nation of nomads, shifting from place to place to cope with the constant changes in our country.
Most of the questions on one forum for a Southeastern state are from would-be migrants seeking ''good schools" ''nice neighbors", low taxes, and so on. It's easy to connect the dots and see that these are people who are now in places which have been overrun with immigrants of either the legal or the illegal variety, once-orderly places which are now mini-Babels with deteriorating schools, rising crime and taxes, the whole raft of problems with which ''diversity" tends to ''enrich" us.
A few of the posts even ask how much ''diversity'' exists in the destination town; however when there is any inkling that the question is racially motivated, the questioners sometimes hastily add that they just don't want an area with many ''illegals'' because of the problems they bring.
There are others who state they are looking for a ''progressive" town, though the area is in the conservative Bible belt. It seems to me that these people are looking in the wrong place for ''progressive'' towns, unless they pick the big city or the college towns, which are usually more liberal than their environs.
Another questioner wants to know if the locals will be''welcoming'' of their interracial marriage. Someone else asks about the presence of a certain politically incorrect pro-White organization.
So it definitely looks as if not all White flight, so-called, is by conservative, racially conscious people. There seem to be just about as many liberals and 'colorblind' respectables of whichever party who are fleeing all the 'diversity' and 'change', too. The difference seems to be that the liberals and ''progressives'' would not admit that they prefer to live in a non-diverse, mostly White area, and even worse, the liberals and 'respectables' refuse to see that liberal and open policies regarding immigration and 'diversity' are lethal to good towns and neighborhoods. They refuse to acknowledge cause and effect. They seem to think that when an area succumbs to 'diversity' and all the ills which follow in its train, the decay is caused by some inevitable natural process, not by stupid choices and policies on the part of the town fathers and the citizens themselves.
A friend and I were having a discussion about the infllux to our town. My friend pointed out that no matter who the people are who are moving here, their presence in such large numbers changes this town irrevocably. Why don't people realize this? The people who are moving like Bedouins all around the country, looking for fresh pastures, don't seem to get it, and the immigrants don't care. They simply see this as a place to be despoiled, and they see us as prey.
While most of the "flight" people who are new arrivals here are well-off people, professionals and others who might otherwise be an asset, they are no doubt bringing their ''progressive'' attitudes which portend trouble for this town, sooner or later. These new neighbors, relieved to have found a town with old-fashioned attitudes, natural beauty, low crime rates, and relatively good schools, will eventually revert to liberal form and bring their ''progressive'' and tolerant attitudes into our local culture, eventually changing the place. The very things that drew them here will gradually -- or precipitately -- be destroyed, and these progressives will wonder why. And then they will move on to some new, pristine place -- if there are any such places left. And of course a few steps behind these people will be the immigrants, mostly illegals who are hired to build the big sprawling houses the ''White flight" liberals like, and the illegals who are hired as domestic help. These same White flight types, often even the 'conservative' ones, will be those who think a colony of refugees would just be wonderful here.
How do we avoid this? Can it be avoided?
I can only hope that many of these liberals and 'respectable Republicans' who are fleeing the mess made by their misguided policies elsewhere, are reading sites like City-Data and ruling out the kinds of conservative areas where they do not belong. I am all in favor of them restricting themselves to places populated by ''diversity'' and by fellow deluded liberals, places where the amount of damage they can do is limited, because the places are already in ruins. It's only just, too, that they be forced to live with the policies they have pushed so relentlessly.
It makes no sense for liberals to deliberately park themselves in the Bible belt, where all those people ''clinging to religion and guns" live. Why do they do it? I think it's much like the Mohammedans who hate infidels coming to the West; they intend to 'convert' us, set us straight, or drive us out and replace us. Or the Mexicans, who, despite hating gringos, come en masse to our country. They all intend to come, see, and conquer.
I wonder if those of us who live in areas receiving a lot of ''White flight" should make our presence felt on some of these sites where people are inquiring about relocating. I think we should do all we can to discourage the ''progressives'' and the politically correct Republican types to look elsewhere for their next move. It isn't only the immigrants themselves who bring unwelcome change. This vast game of musical chairs will soon leave our country utterly unrecognizable everywhere, and unlivable in most places.
For those of us who might be looking for an area which is not too devastated by ''diversity'' just yet, we have to be aware of who else is looking to flee there; what's the use of relocating to some idyllic new place, only to find our new neighbors are our old liberal enemies from the big city?

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