Come out of Babylon
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A few bloggers have been writing about the Southern Baptist Convention's embrace of anti-White political correctness.
Hunter Wallace:
(1) In the first move, the African-American pastor Fred Luter Jr. of New Orleans was elected Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention as part of an ongoing effort impress The New York Times by "promoting diversity." Next year, Luter is expected to leap frog to become President of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Richard Land told The New York Times, "About 30 years ago we were virtually all white � by intention, sadly but true." At their recent meeting, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted "sweeping measures" to "give special attention to appointing individuals who represent the diversity within the convention, and particularly ethnic diversity" in committee appointments.
(2) If that were not enough, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted another resolution in Phoenix which calls for "a just and compassionate path to legal status" for illegal aliens, essentially a plea for amnesty in the name of Southern Baptists � the largest Protestant denomination in the United States � who overwhelmingly oppose "comprehensive immigration reform."
James Edwards predicts:
...the churches will see the same kind of White exodus as those New Orleans neighborhoods did if the SBC is successful in luring in Black members. This will be the death of many Southern Baptist churches, they�re just too stupid to realize it.
And, as always, I marvel at the elation that many of these White pastors are experiencing over the election of a Black. If race is a social construct, as they pretend it to be, then aren�t we�re all just one big mass of humanity? And if that�s true, then what�s the significance of electing a Black? Wouldn�t they be viewing his election based on the color of his skin?''
Good questions.
I have relatives who are lifelong Southern Baptists, and this goes back generations. I think that many of them will go along with this because it seems to be the trend of the day, and they will follow along with what their preachers tell them, which is not at all the way it should be. But the fact that few Christians are 'Bereans' now is a big part of the reason why we have an apostate church today, and why so many of us find it hard if not impossible to find a faithful church, which practices the Christianity of our fathers. The churches seem to have become part of spiritual Babylon.
Speaking of political correctness infiltrating the churches, now the Mormon Church is endorsing some form of amnesty. Church leaders say that immigration is a 'moral and religious matter' and warn against 'mass expulsion.'
Now, perhaps these church leaders can find some justification in their Mormon writings for their stance, and I'm not versed in their scriptures, so I can't speak to that. I just mention this news story because every now and then, someone on the ethnopatriot blogs insists that Mormons are pro-White or 'implicitly White.' That's just not factual. It is a fact that at its inception, the Mormon church was mostly made up of Anglo-Saxon Americans, many of them from New England. Some of my distant New England cousins were among the early church members and emigrated to Utah and points west, as Mormons. Despite those origins, though, the Mormon hierarchy seems to have embraced multiculturalism, and their latest proselytizing efforts are being directed at Latin American illegals and assorted refugees. So the Mormon Church is part of this 21st century Babel movement, just like the mainline Christian groups.
I have to say I like the fact that Hunter Wallace, in his piece on the Southern Baptists, offers a defense of Christianity, noting that this obsession with 'racism' is a product of leftist influence, not of Biblical teaching or Christian tradition. This is important to note, and to point out to those who try to blame Christianity for all the ills of our people.
Another blog that does a great job of presenting Christianity from a traditional point of view is Faith and Heritage, and I particularly recommend this piece which is a response to the increasingly liberalized church and its 'judge not', milquetoast version of Christianity. It is really this perversion of Christianity which is at the root of much of what is wrong with the West today.

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