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I've been intending to write something about the Obama candidacy and the cult of personality which has mushroomed around him. But there are already so many good pieces being written that I can do no more than point you to some of the more interesting and perceptive ones I've come across. So for your consideration -- if you haven't already read them:
John S. Bolton at The Open City blog and his brief piece The Obama Followership: Anti-Caucasianism as Holiness and Redemption.
Then, from David Yeagley at BadEagle.com, Jig's Up: The Real Obama
(That's right. The jig's up. Hey, if national news commentators and politicians can freely and repeatedly use the phrase "off the reservation" whenever they present any questionable idea about anything, then I can use an old Southern expression that means some crook's been caught in the act. If the world is blissfully unaware of American Indian feelings, then I am delightfully conscious of their hypocritical reactions to my words--and their inferior polemic. ) UPDATE: Obama tied to William Ayers, anti-American terrorist of the '60s. See Jonah Goldberg, and Politico. More and more news is coming out about Barak Hussein Obama (may his name be changed). He is not the innocent "nobody," coming out of nowhere, that all the naive people and manipulative media have thought. He is a calculated puppet of larger Third World forces. At least, to all appearances.[...]The point is, Barak Hussein Obama (may his name be changed) has the kind of close connections to Third World shadow figures that make him totally suspicious--especially since he is marketing his Third World name Barak Hussein Obama (may his name be changed). His loyalty to the United States of America is utterly untrustworthy--as is that of all socialists, Marxists, Leftists, liberals, and many Democrats. And this point, we even have to question many Republicans about their values as well. Nationhood is up for grabs these days, since most people have no working concept of what a nation is, how it comes about, why it exists, and how to preserve it. With people like George Soros preaching that nationhood is "tribalism," a thing of the past that needs to be eliminated, is there any wonder why so many ignorant, naive Americans 'cathart' their ideological frustrations on a fringe foreigner with an African father, who poses as an American Negro? Obama validates their confusion. Obama focuses their impotence. It's an ancient hunting tactic: confuse the animal, and it is weakened in its own response to your attack. In a way, America is a weakened, crazed animal, confused by competing ideologies, Third World values, one world globalism pawned off as the solution by power hungry men. America is psychologically suffering, and the Third World icon--Barak Hussein Obama (may his name be changed--inshallah) appears as the savior! What a script. What a fateful coincidence. A convergence of sociological inevitabilities. Read the whole thing at the link above.
Steve Sailer also has an amusing bit about James Watson's support for Obama here.
I have not had anything to say about the passing of William F. Buckley Jr. I came to conservatism late, after a long dalliance with the left like many people of my generation, and I knew of Buckley only what I saw on his TV appearances, such as the famous 'debates' which pitted him against Gore Vidal during the hot summer of 1968, and the riots at the Democrat Convention in Chicago. But by the time I came to conservatism, or came back, truly, to the old American ideals I was brought up with, Buckley had, to all appearances, dropped out of political life and remained at the margins.
Reading the comments on his passing by some who did know him leaves the reader with feelings of confusion: are the glowing tributes such as this one by Taki the 'true' picture of Buckley, or is this one, by Peter Brimelow, a more truthful portrayal? Both men knew him and interacted with him. Isn't it interesting how someone can, wittingly or unwittingly, present such a different face to different people? It's one of those mysteries of life and human nature, seemingly. The truth is probably a composite of the various different perspectives, or perhaps we all leave this world essentially unknown to all but a very few who see our truer selves.

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