What kind of conservative are you?
0 comment Wednesday, November 5, 2014 |
Someone posted a link over on Free Republic, to a list of various types of conservatives. The three broad categories are Secular Right, Religious Right, and -- 'Xenophobic Right.' I don't quite appreciate their designation of that last category, for obvious reasons. They are putting a label which implies some kind of pathology on what is essentially a normal desire to live amongst one's own, and not to be dominated by nor surrounded by people of differing origins and ways.
A few years ago, before I started this blog, I might have been in a different category, but I definitely fall into the third category, which needs to be re-labeled with a less disparaging and condemnatory name.
The list does illustrate, if nothing else, the disparate strains within what is called 'conservatism' in this country, and it emphasizes why it is hard to create any kind of unity. How can we unify all these strands, or can it be done at all?
Which category do you belong to, if any?

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