The forum, again
0 comment Sunday, November 9, 2014 |
I wonder if anybody else is having trouble accessing the Forum. I found that recently I have not been able to access it with Firefox, only with Opera. I do use another alternative browser at times, (I never use IE). Has anybody else had a problem, or a problem accessing it with Firefox in particular?
One thing I noticed: the ads! When I am using Firefox the ads are not visible, but with Opera I was able to see all the ads. How annoying.
The forum is withering away due to lack of interest, it seems. As of now of course I am the only Moderator or Administrator (since my other Mod dropped out) and what with my illness I have not been as involved as I once was. Truth be told, it's not easy to keep up posting there with so little participation. So ultimately, the future of the Forum is in the readers' hands; if there is interest and participation, it will continue, if not, it will not. The forum depends on you; it can't be a one-man or one-woman show.
Thanks as always to those who do post articles or start discussions there.