Southron English lesson
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What do you call a carbonated drink?
The video does not mention the Texas older generation's term: ''sody (soda) water.'' At least that was what my elders called it when I was a child, and many of my age group did also. Or maybe we were more 'country' then some.
But yes, 'coke' is probably the most common generic term for a carbonated drink in most parts of the South now.
In the Northeast, they call it 'soda', and when I was growing up we knew a couple from Boston who referred to coke as 'tonic'. When these people invited me to have a 'tonic' I had no idea what they were talking about. To me, a tonic was some kind of old-timey medicine.
There are other videos in this series, including one on the 'modal verbs' in Southron English. For example, phrases like 'used to could,' or 'might should' or 'might ought to.' I find myself using those terms now even though in my younger days I thought them old-fashioned.