It's OK to stereotype if...
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... the target of your stereotype is whitey.
I was going to blog something about the growing Obama cult, but I came across the link at Steve Sailer's blog
to this site.
In a way, the blog is a parody of itself. ''Whitepeople'' according to what I read on the blog are: materialistic, superficial, trendy, shallow, weak, bland, and boring.
I've often said that stereotypes always have a grain of truth, or more than a grain, in them. Is this droll stereotype of whites true? Yes, it's true of a type of white person. I would say it's more true of the younger people, the upper middle class and wealthy, the college educated, urban-dwelling, liberal/libertarian/leftist types. It is not true of older whites in many cases, or lower income whites, or rural people, or many people from the South, or people of a conservative political temperament.
Is it all in good fun, or does it contribute further to the disparaging of white people which is so popular today? And assuredly this kind of self-ridicule (I am going on the assumption that the blogger is in fact white) is hardly fresh or new; I've (unwillingly) watched parts of movies of the last ten years or so in which caricatures of white people were a central basis of the 'humor', movies like 'White Chicks' or 'Undercover Brother'. See the reader reviews of the latter on IMDB
The reviews of Undercover Brother at IMDB apparently included some complaints about white stereotyping but I could not find any such comments although they are referenced by comments like this:
Reading the negative comments on this film I wonder what movie some of the angry folks were watching. Racism is using one's own physical traits to establish social superiority over another person, or group of people, who don't look like themselves. I saw nothing of any of the African/Black/persons-of-color trying to "reverse role play" by holding themselves in a superior light over so-called "white people."
It simply wasn't there.
Myself, I hate "white guilt" messages in media of all forms. I've had enough social agenda thrust in my face. But that's NOT THE MESSAGE of "Undercover Brother."
What a lot of the "angry-white-commentators" are bothered by is the fact that they believe this film makes ALL so-called "white persons" look like evil-clowns, or condescending jerks. IT DOESN'T. If that's what you see in this film, then maybe you shouldn't be watching movies in the first place.
This film, as stated clear as day by both cast and crew, is an attempt to tackle a social problem with good humor. If you're offended by the jokes in this film, then you've completely missed the point, and are, in fact, the racist idiot that you claim this film to be (I believe psychologist call this phenomenon "projection," where someone refuses to acknowledge their own faults, and casts their own negative qualities on people they dislike).''
I would bet that this scolding reviewer would not unleash such a scathing putdown towards blacks who were 'offended' by stereotypes of their race. But whitey gets it with both barrels. It's always that way.
So I guess I too am a "racist idiot", "projecting", if I dislike the portrayal of whites in 'entertainment' like this, and, by extension, if I complain about the rather stale and predictable stereotypes of whites as on the blog.
A lone commenter here says
This site is incredibly racist. If this site was dedicated to pointing out what black people like, it would surely be deemed as racist. Why aren�t people proud to be white? Everyone should be proud of their own respective races and not bring down another�s. Multiculturalism will never work when sites like this one are up and running. This only causes racial tension.''
And is answered by the following post:
That�s why it�s called satire. Lighten up already.''
That response, too, is utterly predictable. Would 'Jerome' tell an offended black or other 'victim group' member to 'lighten up'? My money says he wouldn't.
This poster called justanotherwhiteguy says
As anyone heard of free speech? I think this is hiliarious that alot of people are getting bent out of shape b/c of one site. If you dont like it, dont read it! But for people with any kinda of brain, this site just makes you smile b/c you can relate to so many things on it. ie� The kitchenaid mixer, and the renovation.''
Dittos for this guy; he would not say 'if you don't like it, don't read it' to a minority of any kind.
Granted, the blog is understated 'humor' but when I read it, I begin to dislike the people illustrated by the blog; why would I care if this sorry bunch of self-absorbed, denatured, shallow, colorless (in more ways than one) people fade away into oblivion, or get absorbed into a third-world demographic tidal wave? Good riddance to them; they are ciphers and weak-as-water-and-twice-as-bland nonentities. Who would miss such a people if they became as extinct as the dodo bird?
The whole point of the obsession with ''diversity'' and multiculturalism is that white people are not a people, but a void; they are a non-people of no definite culture, with no qualities to speak of except receptivity and passivity in relation to other, more 'colorful' and 'vibrant' and aggressive peoples. Everybody has a culture except whitey, and everybody's culture is 'vibrant' and 'rich', while whitey has no culture or tradition except buying trendy gadgets and being self-effacing servants of the world's 'disadvantaged' peoples.
Why wouldn't we vote ourselves out of existence if we really are such a sorry excuse for a people?
The answer is: we are not the insipid and awkward and vacuous breed of invertebrates portrayed in the PC stereotypes. Certainly there are some of us who fit the description, but if we look at the larger picture, and the totality of our history, we can see that the flaccid people and their flavorless culture of the stereotype are a fairly recent phenomenon on the world scene. We were not always thus. We've been spoiled and weakened by unprecendented material prosperity, we've been dumbed down by our media and educational system -- and by Hollywood propaganda. We are down but we're not out.
While some prefer to rationalize what is happening to the West as a deserved punishment for our collective sins, and thus are willing to cooperate and collude in their own punishment, some of us would prefer to try to rediscover our traditions and our ways of life which surely merit a rightful pride. In doing so, it may be that we can rally to take a stand.
Maybe I should just laugh it all off, as a lot of people are doing. But why are we the only people who are expected to laugh at ourselves while we are being dispossessed and robbed of our birthright?
Some things, many things maybe, can be approached with humor, and laughed at, but some things are just too important to become joke fodder. And reading the site reinforces my doubts about my fellow Americans. I get the sense that many if not most of the commenters are young, having grown up under Political Correctness and multiculturalism. Their way of expressing themselves gives them away. If they are the standard-bearers for the future, then we are truly lost. And they think it's all wonderful. Which is sad.
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