It's hopeless...
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Or so says the writer of this piece.
As I sit here writing, a conservative victory in the midterm elections looms. But I find no reason to be optimistic. The midterm elections will solve nothing. The plain fact is that conservatives have lost the battle for America. The country that many of us were born in has ceased to exist. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. Nothing can or will change until we come to terms with the grim reality of moral degeneration. And I have no hope that this can happen, save by some terrible trial.''
Is it true?
If so, is our mortal wound self-inflicted?
And if we think we are finished, and that we've done it to ourselves, I guess we should all close up shop and go amuse ourselves while we are waiting for the end.
The writer of the article has expressed some interesting views, and has had a somewhat controversial career, but ironically, he warns about the greatest danger to human civilization:
He maintains that "the greatest danger to human civilization today is not environmental degradation, but a return to the ancient plague of pessimism."
I agree with that, certainly. Say not the struggle nought availeth.

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