Is this party the answer?
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Guy White has been discussing the ANP, the American National Party over at his blog. It seems it is still not clear exactly who the party founders or representatives are. Read Guy's blog entries to get the whole picture, at least as far as it's known.
When I first linked to the party's website and expressed a desire to know more before getting involved, there was little information posted on the website. However, I noticed that after my blog entry and the resulting discussion here, I saw that I did get a couple of hits on this blog from the party's website which indicates that they were aware of my post about them, probably having followed the link I posted.
One would have expected that given my expression of interest in the party, and my readers' interest, they would have paid us a visit and been forthcoming with some information, or a welcome to whoever was interested in learning more. No such response was forthcoming, which I considered odd. I mean, if I were starting such a party, I would try to get mentions on many sympathetic blogs and forums, and to respond to any expressions of interest in or curiosity about the party. After all, isn't the idea to drum up interest and get people to join and to spread the word? The ANP, whoever they are, seemed uninterested in attracting potential members.
Or did they, after checking out my blog and its contents, decide that this blog did not represent the image they were seeking to cultivate? Presuming they checked out my blog and read my questions about them, and my readers' comments, I might speculate they had not been favorably impressed with what they saw here, because shortly thereafter, I found they had posted this statement:
The ANP does not shy away from the particularly sensitive subjects of culture, identity, and ethnicity. As such, we recognize that we will be regarded by the powers-that-be as a controversial party, as if our ideas were out-of-the-ordinary.
The American National Party is an American political party designed with the interests of European Americans in mind. We represent European Americans, and, accordingly, our target demographic is European Americans. Given the modern political climate, we understand that this position can easily be manipulated and repositioned into something that it is not, by both supporters and detractors.
Let it be known that the American National Party thoroughly and completely rejects the idea of ethnic supremacy and ethnic hatred. The concept of ethnic supremacy is scientifically unfounded and purely subjective, and it corrupts healthy and positive expressions of authentic ethnic cohesion. Any person that seeks to use the party and its resources as a vehicle to spread such views shall be immediately removed from their post, condemned, and cast out of the party.
The people to whom we�d like to appeal are honest, law-abiding, and forward-thinking. We want people who understand the difference between the love of one�s own and the hatred of others. We do not aim to provoke a negative reaction from anyone. We want our own people to react in a positive manner to our message. We�d like to encourage loyal and dedicated European Americans to get involved with the American National Party and make their voices heard.''
So even if they had not been favorably impressed with my blog and my viewpoints, I have to say I was underwhelmed by that statement, to put it mildly. In fact I would say I wrote off the party at that point, because the statement has the definite whiff of political correctness about it. I mean, I understand that some think it best to present a moderate image which does not scare off the respectables or the timid folks. So perhaps they don't want those who are politically incorrect to join their party or to darken their door. Fine. We understand each other, I suppose, and the party is not a good match for me, certainly, just as they may see people like me as not being party material.
I think all of us who meet on this blog are 'honest, law-abiding, forward-thinking,' as per their description. And I think we express love of our own without hatred of others. I agree with not espousing 'ethnic supremacy' and 'hatred', but the thing is, those terms are used as loosely these days as the word 'racism'. Who is defining the terms as they are used in the party's statement? How do they define 'ethnic hatred'?
All of us on the realist right have been accused of 'hatred' and just about anybody who believes in White survival or separation is called a 'supremacist.' The leftists who have made themselves the ultimate arbiters of who is a 'hater' or a 'supremacist' have a very broad and inclusive definition, and it doesn't take much to get put on their little list. All too often 'hatred' is in the eye of the beholder.
As I've said before, I don't care to participate in a forum or blog where political incorrectness might be called 'hate'. So neither do I want to be in a party or any organization where I have to constantly watch my speech and my opinions lest somebody catch me in an infraction of PC and eject me. I don't want to walk on eggshells or be afraid of offending some coddled group or other.
I see that the linked page now has quite a few favorable and encouraging comments though I have heard that some people have had comments removed for raising certain sensitive issues. Have any of you out there had a comment on the site deleted or censored?
But I wish the party well if they truly are a nationalist party which advocates for White people, but I know that I don't belong in a party which is in any sense dependent on staying on the good side of the PC police. I've accepted that criticism and name-calling goes with the territory, and I believe that it does us no good to try to toe the PC line and end up being condemned and called names anyway; far better to let the names roll off like the proverbial water off a duck's back, and press on.
There's a place, I suppose, for the respectable, middle-of-the-road efforts as well as the more "radical" ones; one size does not fit all. I simply think that time is scarce, and we don't have the luxury of taking the slow, stealth approach. Those who are frightened off by political incorrectness are not likely to even approach any kind of European-American or White nationalism.
Still good luck to whoever sincerely has our interests at heart, and whoever is willing to speak up for us, as there are few who will do so.

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