'Most influential conservatives'
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The most influential US Conservatives
My readers will know that I am always somewhat fascinated and sometimes bemused by these kinds of lists: the 'top 50' or 'top '100' in whatever category.
The London Daily Telegraph presents its list of the 'most influential US conservatives' which I've linked above. Suffice it to say that, as usual, the apellation 'conservative' is applied very broadly here. Those listed in this article are numbers 81-100, with the list being continued in future articles, just like counting down the top 100 on the hit parade, #1 being saved for last.
I won't list all of them; I will just mention a few of those on this list: Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilly, Henry Kissinger, Peggy Noonan -- and Ron Paul. Oh, and I forgot Larry Craig.
Make of it what you will. The comments following are rather telling as to the state of conservatism. The most frequently-heard howl of protest is that Rush Limbaugh was not included; obviously the commenters don't understand that this is only a partial list. For all we know, Limbaugh could be #1, although likely President Bush will hold that spot.
Any guesses as to who the top five will be?
I still say we need a new label because the word 'conservative' has ceased to have any meaning, because it includes so many people who are almost polar opposites in their thinking. The Republican Party can make itself into a Big Tent, and include everybody under the sun, but conservatism cannot be whatever we choose it to mean, per Humpty Dumpty.

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