Cheering on our own demise
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Why would any of us want to cheer on the invasion and demographic transformation of another American community, especially one which has until very recently been homogeneous and liveable?
Schadenfreude, of course. It's one of my pet peeves regarding our side; the tendency to cheer on the demographic destruction of our own. It's cutting off our nose to spite our face. We're all hurt when some part of America or the West in general is in danger of being lost or transformed for the worse. Our homeland shrinks each time this happens.
The community in question is Nantucket, Massachusetts. Now, despite my maternal New England roots, I've never visited New England, not even when I lived in the New York City area. I always intended to do so, but never got around to it. I've been in touch with some distant cousins on that side, but found them standoffish, at least in comparison to my kin in the South. Still, I wish them the best and I don't want to see them swamped by invaders, and I don't want the communities founded and built by our common ancestors to be lost and inherited by people who despise us and all we stand for.
One of the reasons given by some of the people who are gloating over the 'diversification' of Nantucket is that it is inhabited by rich White liberals, supposedly mostly blueblood WASP types, who deserve the worst things that can happen to them and their hometown.
However, this page which provides data on Nantucket, seems to show that people of English descent make up a scant 19.5 percent of the town's population.
Ancestries: English (19.5%), Irish (17.5%), French (7.0%), Italian (6.9%), German (6.8%), Scottish (6.0%).
Those figures don't account for everyone, so one wonders who the rest are, apart from the obvious minorities. Are they people who are so mixed as not to know their ancestry, or who call themselves just Americans? And as always I am certain that the statistics reflect far fewer immigrants than are actually present.
The Irish, French, and Italian-descended groups combined constitute a larger percentage than the English.
From all I know of New England (and granted, I haven't been there), very few areas remain, except perhaps the remote rural areas, which are populated mostly by original-stock WASP descendants. Whenever I read news stories datelined Massachusetts, I notice that Anglo-Saxon names are outnumbered by Italian, Irish, French, and even Portuguese surnames. I notice that the urban areas, according to what I read, are heavily minority, and there appear to be many Caribbean Islanders in New England, and many Brazilians.
So where are all these blue-blood WASPs supposed to be? Many of them, like one of my great-grandfathers, long since went West, pioneering back in the 19th century. Most of the descendants of these New England pioneers tend to be in the Midwest, which is now the last bastion of many predominantly White communities. I know from my family records that many of our related families went West to the Great Lakes states, and farther West to the Oregon territory. Some of their descendants are now solid heartland Americans, and not the effete New England liberals of many people's imagination.
I suppose there are some who have held on in the old stronghold, but it seems to me that WASPs are not the dominant group in Massachusetts these days. Time to find a new bogeyman.
And even liberal Whites can come to their senses and come 'into the light', as it were. Demographic transformation, however, is forever, more often than not. We should not be wishing that on any of our people, regardless of their politics. Every community that is 'taken over' is one more piece of our beautiful country that may be irretrievably lost, and it may be one less place of refuge for us or our children if and when our own communities become hostile and unliveable.

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