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I've been trying to avoid discussing the subject, but it's one that riles me. When I've addressed it in the past, I've taken criticism from those who thought I was being 'exclusionary' or 'divisive.'
But during this past week, it seems that every other blog or forum of a right-wing nature that I've visited has had nasty comments directed at Anglo-Saxon Americans. To cap it all off, in my inbox at Intense Debate yesterday was an ugly comment on an old blog entry of mine. The diatribe from someone with a Hispanic or Italian name, culminated in the statement, in all caps, that Anglo-Saxons needed to be completely removed from the face of this earth.
But watch: my reaction here will be the one called ''divisive''.
Wait -- there's more: over at TakiMag -- to my surprise they are accepting comments again -- there was an unpleasant exchange among commenters on this John Derbyshire article.
The instigator, whose name I seem to recognize as one of the old-time Taki regulars, spewed venom about the ''Anglo-Saxon rejects'' who created this country. Apparently those founding Anglo-Saxons are responsible for everything wrong with this country, including, somehow, the bullying of a gay student at an Eastern college. Never mind that the two main principals in that story were Hindu and Chinese, if I remember correctly.
One commenter posted in response to the Anglophobe:
''I am guessing that you aren't Anglo-Saxon. Why did your ancestors come here? They came because the Ango-Saxon rejects created such a great country. Non-Anglo Saxons from Europe from the far reaches of Ultima Thule to the Mediterranean from the Atlantic to the Urals brought their socialist-proletariat sensibilities to the voting booth and screwed everything up.''
Well said, in my opinion. And it's a rare day when anyone says anything in response to the railing Anglophobes. Once in a while I have seen 'Svigor', who posts at a number of ethnopatriot blogs, give a good comeback to the slurs and insults over at Steve Sailer's blog. But that is something of a rarity.
I was brought up, as many of you were, in a day when we said ''sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never harm me.'' Sure, sometimes it's best to just let it roll off your back and ignore these things as what they are, namely, the impotent rantings of people who are steeped in resentment and who have some kind of ''issues''.
Somehow, though, it seems unjust to let all these things go unchallenged. First of all, there are factual inaccuracies bandied about in these kinds of rants, which seem to be increasing in frequency. The idea that the founding stock of this country, (mostly English) were 'rejects' and rabble is just false. I've read such nonsense as the charge tht the Pilgrim fathers were expelled from their home country. Wrong. They actually had to slip away under cover of darkness and made repeated attempts to get away to Holland or elsewhere, and succeeded only after several tries. There was no freedom to emigrate for them. This is all described in detail in the Willison book, Saints and Strangers.
Yes, there were some prisoners sent to some Southern colonies later, but the Jamestown colonists were not deported or transported criminals. Most of the colonists were decent and honorable people. I will put my ancestors up against anybody's in terms of their lineage and character and honor.
Perhaps it makes the Ellis Island crowd feel better about themselves to lie about the origins of the first colonists but those lies should not be unchallenged.
Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, as the old proverb says.
I cannot count the number of times I have read slurs against WASPs because they are 'rich elites' who are either do-gooder liberals or self-hating Whites. Then I read that the WASPs are fat, gluttonous White trash. Can both be true? Sure, there are extremes at one end or the other in every group, but to caricature only Anglo-Saxons in this fashion is bizarre.
Most people on the racial right seem to stereotype WASP Americans as 'elites' like the Boston Brahmin types -- but do they even exist anymore? Who are they? Where? What are their names? The only New England elite I hear about are the likes of the Kennedys or John Kerry. Kerry, it is true, has some colonial ancestry, but he is also of much more recent immigrant stock, and Kerry is an adopted name as we know, as his family has no Irish ancestry.
Every time someone brings up the 'WASP elites sold this country out' mantra, I have to ask them: who are they? Name me some names. Specifically. I never get an answer.
The New England upper crust from colonial times rather quickly intermarried with people of other origins. The moneyed classes in the Northeast are -- or were -- all quite inbred among their own social circle, but if you examine their names and origins you will find they are not all WASPs, not by a long shot. Some are of continental European origin, and they are no longer a monolithic group, religiously or ethnically. I would say most of the people with the money and influence today are johnny-come-latelies, nouveau riche types, with money but no breeding.
There is not a WASP cabal running this country, in complicity with Jews or otherwise. In fact, the old WASP gentry were accused of being anti-Semitic, as well as xenophobic in general.
So again, which is it? Cosmopolitan? Or xenophobic and exclusive?
May I just throw out a few names here? Madison Grant. Wilmot Robertson. Henry Cabot Lodge (who was as ''Brahmin'' as you can get). Carleton Putnam, who was a kinsman of mine. Most of you are familiar with those names, if not, you might wish to google them.
They were not men who were self-hating, or liberal, or 'selfish elite rich WASPs'.
And somebody may counter with names of liberal New Englanders in our history. Fine. But the fact is, there are far more everyday people in this country who have roots in England than there are 'liberal WASP elites' or ''poor (Anglo-Saxon) White trash.''
I am convinced there are many more Americans of predominantly English roots than are even aware of it. Most such people had ancestors who came as colonists centuries ago, and have lost track of where exactly their ancestors came from. Those of more recent immigrant stock know that their grandparents or great-grandparents came from some Southern or Eastern European country, or Central Europe, so we have skewed statistics on ancestry. Most such polls are based on what the respondent says, not on any verifiable facts as to origins. If people do not know the full story, they can't report it to a poll-taker.
And again, who can blame them if they choose not to identify as English or Anglo-Saxon? If they hear nothing but venomous comments about Anglo-Saxons, they tend to disassociate themselves from it. So at this point, there are too few that know their origin and fewer still who will speak up in defense of their ancestors or their Anglo-Saxon brethren. The ''WASP'' is now the favorite whipping boy for people on the racial right, oddly. Some complain of anti-Jewish sentiments on the right, but Jews get better press than the WASP.
There is one thing that unites the far left and the far right: they often seem to blame every woe of the world on Anglo-Saxons. Not just on Whitey, mind you, although there is a lot of Whitey-bashing, but Anglo-Saxons. Few other groups can be criticized so viciously with so little response.
And here's one other thing to chew on: the nature of the attacks on Anglo-Saxons is pretty much the same as the accusations against White men in general. The Anglo-Saxon, whether you like him or not, is sort of the arch-White man, in the popular imagination. Those who hate Whites are guaranteed to hate Anglo-Saxons intensely. If the White man is thought guilty of being too rapacious and too 'ethnocentric' and oppressive and dominating, then the Anglo-Saxon is the epitome of such evils, in most Anglo/White-haters' minds.
I don't relish saying it, but when I hear people from various ethnic groups grumbling about how the English or the Anglos oppressed their forebears, it sounds exactly like the complaints from American Indians, Hispanics, and other victim groups. It is sad and pathetic that people on our side will play the victim card.
It's easy to wonder if those who revile Anglo-Saxons are not, in great part, motivated by envy. The United States was, in its prime, the strongest country in many ways, and the wealthiest. Likewise the British Empire at its peak. Even now, with our countries in decline and our people in danger of being demographically obliterated, millions upon millions of people seek to gain entry to both the UK and the United States. That says a lot. Unfortunately it is not admiration that brings them here, but envy and covetousness.
Envy and covetousness beget resentment and hatred. So perhaps in a way the hatred is a backhanded compliment, but nonetheless it's one that we could do without.
There is a perverse streak in human nature, too, that causes those who have received help and charity to hate their benefactors. There is more than a little of that at work in this assault on Anglo-Saxons. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say, and people do bite the hand that fed them.
Too, everybody wants to topple the man at the pinnacle, and it looks like the envious are succeeding. And I think many of those of more recent immigrant origin scent blood; they see that the formerly dominant Anglo-American has become weakened, and they are taking advantage of the situation to claim power for themselves, although they could have done no such thin unless the Anglo-American majority was severely wounded.
I hope I may be forgiven for asking if the Ellis Island immigration wave helped or hindered this country, or if the divisions that were introduced were in fact just the beginnings of the multicultural regime. This is not a slam at any of my readers; if you are a regular reader, I assume you are pro-White and that you know that this country was by origin an Anglo-Saxon Protestant country. That much is fact, it's history, regardless of anyone's feelings about it.
Somebody has to do the thankless job of defending the people who made this country, just as somebody has to defend our larger kin group as it is under attack. It's all part of the same struggle.
The divisiveness that comes from those who have a need to slander the founding group of this country is something that has to be addressed, or it will be our downfall.

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