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Border Patrol to Americans: "You Have Been Invaded" is the title of a piece by Jim Kouri.
Kouri reports the statements from US Border Patrol Agents Local 2544 in Arizona:
"We wish all the illegal aliens would take their May 1 'protest' a step further, and completely remove themselves from the country," say Local officials.
"You have been invaded, America. There are reportedly 20 million illegal aliens in this country now, and the number could be much higher."
Border patrol agents state plainly that these people are not supposed to be here and nobody knows who they are.
"Our president, George W. Bush, is doing nothing more than winking at them and promising them a huge amnesty program," Local 2544 officials said.
..."Border patrol agents have attempted to get their message out to the American people, but the monolithic news media ignore what they have to say about the illegal alien issue."
Anybody surprised by the last sentence? Why, I wonder, have we not seen these comments in the mainstream media, or on our TV news? After all, who knows better than these guys, from Local 2544, what is actually going on on our 'borders'? Why are comments like these not given the attention they deserve? Our ideology-driven media are too busy shilling for the pro-amnesty, pro-open borders demagogues, and too busy cranking out those boilerplate sob stories about Juan and Maria and their ordeals crossing the border into racist America.