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Jean Raspail Speaks of "Big Other"
Jean Raspail is interviewed for French TV about his book, 'Camp of the Saints.' The phrase 'Big Other' is his pun on the familiar 'Big Brother', and is the title of the new preface to his book.
You can view the video at GalliaWatch, where Tiberge offers excerpts translated into English. If your French is good enough, you can watch the complete interviews at the links on GalliaWatch.
From her excerpts:
''And The Camp of the Saints ends badly� badly or well, according to your opinion. There are four hundred pages. Imagine all the questions it raises in our minds - on a social level, on the national level, but also on the inner level of each person. What do you do? If you allow in such a mass, what happens to the country? If you don't allow them in where is your Christian charity? Where is your pity, and many other things like that�
If civilizations have disappeared it is because they were engulfed by the tidal wave of the more advanced newcomers. With us, the situation is the reverse. We have an old civilization in Europe, in France, and we find ourselves before gigantic masses of people. Europe does not have a billion people, yet we face hundreds of thousands, millions, billions. Logically, we should be forced to defend ourselves, but how?
In truth, charity does not consist of opening our doors and our arms to invaders. No, it does not consist in returning the flags of Lepanto, as Paul VI did, to the Turks, who have no knowledge of repentance. It does not consist of kissing the Koran as Pope John-Paul II did, in an unfortunate gesture.
No, it does not consist in offering lands of our old Christian country, as the French bishops have done, to build mosques or worse, to accept the transformation of churches into mosques. That is the opposite of charity, a turning away from charity; it is inversion, subversion, corruption.''
Read the rest at the link.

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