A sign of weakening?
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Am I mistaken in thinking that our people are weakening when it comes to Hispanics?
Over at AmRen, which in many ways is not all that atypical of (moderately) pro-White/ethnonationalist sites, I am seeing a lot of posts which compare Hispanics favorably to blacks, and which praise Hispanics in some way, even if faintly.
On this thread, which had to do with changing demographics and the encouragement of outmarriage for Whites, there were comments like this:
''There is no such thing as a "hispanic". There are white people, black people and amerind (mestizos) all of whom speak spanish. They have extremely different genetic backgrounds, do not mix, for the most part, yet speak the same language.
Most of the "miscegenation" they are talking about is nothing but english speaking whites marrying spanish speaking whites. And having kids who are white. No different than a french person marrying a white person from britain or spain.''
Well, the old bit of sophistry about Hispanic not being a race has been around for a while. Technically speaking, no, Hispanic is not a race, but a linguistic designation, though in a way the word Hispanic does denote various non-White peoples who speak Spanish, given the undeniable fact that the great majority of Hispanic immigrants are nonwhite.
No doubt some skeptic would challenge me on that, and say 'prove it', but going by the evidence of our senses, it is apparent that the vast majority are nonwhite for the most part, with little to no European blood.
In some localities, like Florida, there may be many White Cubans, but in most other places which have large Spanish-speaking populations, the majority of them are either Amerindian or mulatto (as with the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans in New York). So when we associate the 'Hispanic' label with non-European origin, we are on pretty solid ground.
Some people insist that many Hispanics are White (European-descended), like this commentator:
''I work around an awful lot of latinos, and upwards of a quarter of them, especially the south americans, are basically white descended from numerous waves of european immigration to that region. (Spanish, Italian, English, German, etc) Lighter skinned mestizos are also mostly white in their genetic makeup.
Many others like mexicans and puerto ricans have a lot of white in them too, so the white race can survive some mixing with them, as long as the core western values predominate.''
This man does not say where he lives and works, but it must be an unusual place with lots of European-blooded Hispanics. But this comment is so out of touch with reality I have to wonder if the writer is attempting to put over a bit of propaganda, attempting to misrepresent reality.
And the second paragraph leads to one of my recurring themes: culture vs. race. I've said repeatedly, ad nausaeam probably, that race and culture go together, and that culture merely reflects genetics. We can't say that culture exists in a vacuum, and that it is a disembodied thing which can basically be 'put on' by anyone, like one of those one-size-fits-all garments.
However, I don't think any ethnonationalist would agree that 'core Western values' can be carried on no matter what the demographics or racial makeup of a country may be. I would hope that no real ethnopatriot or ethnonationalist would be so cavalier as to think that our people can survive even if we absorb Hispanic or other genes. No, we would not be 'we' then; we would be somebody else, probably a Spanglish-speaking exotic-looking people whose 'culture' and environment would resemble Latin America more than Europe or Old America.
But this comment takes the cake:
''Point I am making is that the white latinas may be a salvation for the white race, along with importing some russian/ukranian [sic] type girls to help the white population survive. Things have changed in the last 20ish years, once it was more single females, but now with miscenation [sic] there are more single white guys, and thankfully, most single guys dont have any desire for the black girls as the white girls do for the black guys.''
This kind of thinking is becoming not at all uncommon at AmRen and some other such sites.
First of all, I think the amount of outmarriage is greatly overestimated by men who write these kinds of comments. The statistics show that it is just not as common as some claim it to be. It may be that the people who say these things live in areas where the rate is especially high (liberal big cities, Seattle for example) or other areas, perhaps with a high proportion of White underclass types who tend to adopt underclass ways and to mate outside their race.
Or it may be that the people who claim all the attractive White girls are mating with outsiders are people who magnify the examples they see out there in the world until they believe it is widespread or epidemic. Or it may be that these guys are not succeeding with the opposite sex for various reasons, and want to rationalize their lack of success by blaming it on women supposedly preferring nonwhites.
Some men have an attraction to the exotic-looking women, like Latinas and Asians, and this is a longstanding thing, since long before multiculturalism and political correctness. Some men, understandably, are attracted to exotic Eastern European women. But to say that American or other Western men have to look for 'salvation for the white race' by mating with 'white latina' women is reaching a bit.
If we are going to discuss 'White Latina women', I can think of two well-known examples.
Exhibit A and Exhibit B if you can watch a 3-minute video of her.
I acknowledge they are extreme examples, but I suspect they reflect a widespread cultural attitude or style,
Sure, there are White Latina women; both of those women were immigrants who married White Anglo men. One of the women was well-educated and quite intelligent. Still, despite their outward appearance, I would say that cultural differences between the women and their hapless husbands contributed considerably to their, ahem, marital problems. As a result one of the men is now dead, and the other one, shall we say, scarred.
The second woman has now snagged yet another Anglo White male; I thought only stupid women married psychopaths. But some men find that Latina allure irresistible, knife or no knife.
Sure, bad things happen in non-mixed marriages, but cultural differences of some magnitude do exist even among people of European descent, especially as you mix Southern European or Eastern European with Western European. There are just differences in outlook, temperament, character, values, manners, emotional styles. The idea that 'love conquers all' is just romantic-age twaddle. It sounds nice and makes for a good happy-ever-after movie, but in reality, love does not conquer all, much less does lust conquer anything.
Culture does matter, because it is intertwined with genetics.
I've worked with people from Eastern Europe and Southern Europe and there is a greater distance between us and them than between us and Western Europeans, although even with them, misunderstandings and crossed signals occur.
Also, the idea that Hispanics are 'Western' is absurd, yet it is still a popular claim made these days; they are 'Christian' so therefore they are Western, or they speak a European language so they are part of our heritage. This is erroneous, and we cannot gamble the future of our country and our people on that kind of faulty belief.
So, where do we stand? Are people softening towards Latinos and about to join them? Or am I being alarmist?

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