A new nadir in the pro-invasion rhetoric
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Lowell Ponte at FrontPage Magazine has a column which is stunning in its twisted arguments and demented 'logic.'
It's not new to promote the idea that America is a tired, effete, decaying country in need of 'revitalization' via immigrants from the 'vibrant' Third World. But Ponte's ravings in this column, based on a supposed conversation with a 'Darwinian' in favor of mass immigration, hits a new low.
As I read this article I was dumbstruck by the surreal quality of the 'Darwinist's' ideas. Are there really sane people in our world who believe that opening the floodgates and transforming a country is a reasonable and ethical policy to pursue? The recent relentless push for open borders and amnesty does suggest that the people behind it are obsessed fanatics, determined to pursue their goals with utter disregard for the citizens of their own countries, and with flagrant disrespect for laws and traditions and principles.
But Ponte's column is like a glimpse into another parallel universe of illogic.
Ponte says: "Those who hide behind laws, including immigration laws, to avoid such competition are committing slow suicide, growing too fat and lazy to survive," said The Darwinian. "In the long run you can no more outlaw the law of supply and demand than you can outlaw the law of gravity. And there�s a big supply of cheaper labor just across the border..."
So we are all just economic units, and all of life is just a Darwinian competition which we are doomed to lose. And the Mexican illegals, according to Ponte, are superior in their ability to defy our laws and enter our country against our wishes. Their presence in our country proves their superiority and their vigor, so he suggests.
By the same logic, a burglar or home invader must be superior because he succeeds in entering his victim's home. By Ponte's logic, the victim should turn over his home and possessions to the invader because his vigor and strength and intelligence have earned it.
It's chilling to realize that there are many such people, apparently including our elected 'leaders' who see the world in these cold-blooded, ruthless, amoral terms. Such people have no regard for things such as this country's founding principles; there is not one moment of thought given to that troublesome thing, the will of the American people, the majority of citizens.
Read 'A Darwinian View of Immigration' by Lowell Ponte, at frontpagemag.com

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