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The newspaper clipping above was originally posted at the blog USA Death Watch, back in 2008.
I hope blogger AndyK does not mind my re-posting the image here. But the article, from 1995, is very interesting to read. I read it when it was first posted on USA Death Watch, and it seems relevant now in a lot of ways, including the fact that it mentions Jared Taylor.
It's interesting to note how subjects like those discussed in the article are now verboten in the so-called mainstream media. Can any of you imagine a piece like this appearing in most newspapers now? Could Jared Taylor be mentioned without disparaging phrases such as 'far right' or 'hate group' or some such hysteria?
1995 seems like a long time ago. Granted, it was 16 years ago but it seems more like 160 years in terms of how much things have changed.
There are some very good pieces over at AndyK's blog, although it appears that he has not been updating his blog for some time. It would be a shame if he has discontinued blogging altogether; I hope he hasn't, but at least there are some interesting things in his archives. This piece is about the futuristic fiction story by William S. Lind, which was mentioned in the article linked above. It is set in a 'Utopian 2050'. Of course the future is actually dystopian, as is the case with any leftist 'utopia.' But it is fascinating to see how closely Lind's projections fit the reality of the 21st century, at least so far. He was off the mark on a couple of things, but uncannily accurate on others.

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