Why so few women?
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Yesterday's post about Marine Le Pen reminded me of a subject I had meant to post about, that is, the question of why there are not more women who are ethnopatriots, at least judging by the relative dearth of female bloggers and writers who are pro-White.
Every now and then, somebody raises that question, and I suppose there is no definitive answer to it. The obvious answer, of course, is that women seem to be naturally more liberal, based on the tendency of many women to be 'feeling' types, acting based on emotion rather than on 'thinking'. A good many women in my experience say they just don't care much about politics per se. There is the old saying that politics is war by any other means, so it makes sense that women are not as politically oriented as men, generally.
If women abstained from politics because of their oft-state lack of interest in, or understanding of, politics, we might be better off, because women do tend to vote liberal in many instances. However at least in this country there is evidence that married women are more conservative in their politics, while younger single women are liberal. Do young liberal single women develop into conservatives after becoming mothers and having a broader experience of life? Or is it simply a matter of the younger generations being more liberal generally?
However, I know a couple of women who admittedly know nothing about politics (such as what the labels 'liberal and conservative' mean, for example, or how our system works) but who nonetheless have very vociferous opinions about public figures. One of the women I am thinking of here simply states that she 'hates' certain politicians without being able to explain why, when I ask her. She just knows she hates someone, based on seeing their face on the news or in the newspaper. And people like this vote.
But as for the predominance of males among ethnopatriots, the usual answer offered (and I've offered it a time or two) is that males are more territorial and more suspicious of outsiders. Women can be catty towards each other but many seem to feel more protective of, say, immigrants because they perceive them as rather needy or even childlike. More women tend to want to nurture these people and help them. I believe it is almost always women who are behind this fad to import Third World babies. In my town, this is the latest fashion. I have been seeing more and more young White couples, often with two or more children of their own, with a Haitian or African baby in a stroller. This past summer when I was out garage sale-ing with a friend, we encountered two sales being held for the sake of raising funds to go to Haiti and bring back a baby, or to pay adoption fees.
The men who go along with this are essentially doing just that: going along.
Some of the most bleeding-heart women I know are people who seem incapable of perceiving anyone as an enemy or a threat, at least, not people who are perceived as 'victims', such as the illegal Latin Americans who are settling in, here in this town.
Many women just don't want to talk about 'unpleasant things' and would prefer to live on a pink, fluffy cloud.
I've always been a little atypical of women in some respects, though I can recognize the typical female traits in myself in many ways. But I don't understand why so many women have no 'mother bear' instinct to protect their young and to preserve their children's future. The old pioneer women surely had that instinct. Where has it gone?
On a different note, I have noticed lately that on some of the ethnopatriot blogs and HBD blogs, there are a few female names popping up amongst the comments. Is this a trend? It's very noticeable in a couple of places.
And of course there have been notable exceptions to the rule among the few female regulars who post here, and certain female bloggers like Sarah, Maid of Albion. But I think they are still the exception. Mind you, I am not counting women who are just 'conservative' with no seeming ethnopatriot tendencies. There are conservatives who are still not exactly on our side.
Is there any way to change this?

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