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In this incident involving the six 'Muslim scholars' who were removed from a US Airways flight out of Minneapolis-St. Paul, all the usual accusations are made. One of the 'imams' claims that they were 'unfairly targeted' (as usual). Prejudice! discrimination!
And right on cue, US Airways makes apologetic noises like so:
'We are always concerned when passengers are inconvenienced and especially concerned when a situation occurs that causes customers to feel their dignity was compromised," the statement said. "We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and will continue to exhaust our internal investigation until we know the facts of this case and can provide answers for the employees and customers involved in this incident.'
And also right on cue, enter CAIR and all their minions.
(Where's the ACLU? Aren't they supposed to leap to the defense of the victimized imams at this point?)
This is hardly an original observation on my part, but I smell set-up. I think incidents like this are planned: the Moslem 'victims' probably did behave weirdly for the purpose of arousing suspicion and complaints. When the plan works and they get sufficiently 'discriminated against', then the incident hits the media, the cries of prejudice and Islamophobia are heard , CAIR shifts into gear, and we the American people are sat down for another lecture on how we have to learn more about the Religion of Peace and can't we all just get along?
Shahin expressed frustration that -- despite extensive efforts by him and other Muslim leaders since even before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks -- so many Americans know so little about Islam.
"If up to now they don't know about prayers, this is a real problem," he said. '
Note: Shahin is apparently connected with a 'charity' group linked to Hamas.
Nevertheless, we will get 'educated' and preached to about tolerance and understanding and US Airways will vow to be more sensitive to their Moslem customers, and Ibrahim Hooper will be up on TV, making the rounds.
Now, you people in Minnesota, aren't you ashamed of overreacting? Maybe sensitivity classes would be in order.
And maybe we will all be more reluctant to report any such weird behavior next time for fear it turns out to be just a silly misunderstanding again.
Or maybe I am just being cynical, and this was just Islamophobia.
Whatever the real story is, Lawrence Auster is right in pointing out that we will go on having incidents like this.
Such incidents will continue to recur, FOREVER, so long as a significant Muslim population continues to reside in our country.
Maybe the cumulative effect of a number of incidents like this is to get us somewhat jaded about it, and then one day the incident will be for real.