Russia as the great hope
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At James Edwards' blog, there is a post about Russia being the possible ray of hope for the West.
The comments following the post prompted me to wonder, where exactly did this meme start? I know it is popular in certain circles, and I don't know where or how it began. Did it begin with stories like the one that inspired the post at TPC? It seems to have been around for a while, this belief.
I am not totally gainsaying it, because I have no firsthand experience of Russia, not having been there. But I wonder how many people who believe in the Russia-as-great-White-hope idea have actually been there. Is their knowledge based on fact, or wishful thinking?
It is odd that 20 years ago, or even 15 years ago, Russia was not seen as a country to envy or emulate, and few people back then would ever dream of emigrating to the USSR, except for diehard Communists. So when and how did Russia become the promised land for some?
I realize many WN men have a fetish for Russian women; is that part of the mystique?
I have had experience of Russian people, with various immigrants to this country. I find Russians rather hard to get to know, and very clannish. Few of them seem to master English even after years in our country, much less learn to adapt to our ways. They seem to form enclaves wherever they go, and even those who marry Americans (usually women marrying American men) tend to import their own enclaves as they bring in their relatives via chain migration.
As far as whether Russia is more favorable to White interests, there are conflicting stories coming out of Russia. I posted a link to one story about multiculturalism in Russia a while back. Russian leaders seem to talk out of both sides of their mouths. Meanwhile I have heard that there are many Moslems in Russia, and many Africans at least in certain areas. And remember, during the Cold War, the Soviets very ostentatiously imported Africans to be educated in the USSR. It was a kind of ''take that!" to 'intolerant' America, and we played into their hands. One motive for the Civil Rights revolution was to keep up with the USSR and their 'colorblind' policies.
So what is the consensus out there, about where the Russian mystique began?

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