Open doors, broken windows
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The 'broken windows theory' of social disorder holds that when a window in a building is broken and left unrepaired, this invites further decay and destruction. Vandals and criminals are emboldened by the appearance that there is no authority to 'fix' things, and destruction escalates. Soon, the entire neighborhood is in a state of decay; crime increases, decent people flee, and lawlessness is entrenched.
We can see this process at work in our inner cities, where the will to forestall disorder is lacking. And we see it in our nation, when our non-existent borders lure invaders by the millions to enter our country. The whole world seems to be getting the signal that we are a weak, decadent country, lacking the will or means to protect our country, and everyone is moving in to take advantage of this carelessness and sloth.
Tellingly, at one of the pro-illegal marches recently, a protester (who apparently didn't get the memo about avoiding confrontational signs and foreign flags) carried a placard reading 'Abre la puerta o rompere la ventana.' In English, this means 'Open the door or I'll break the window.'
Maybe this is just typical bluster and bravado from the Latina protester. Politically incorrect it may be to say so, but the Mexican culture is very big on bluster and swagger. But the brazen behaviors displayed by so many of the illegals makes me take them at their word.
Still, our politicians seem eager to open all the doors for them, and the illegals continue to break the windows of our increasingly decrepit society. Open doors, broken windows, welcome to the Third World.

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