More about Maywood
0 comment Thursday, October 16, 2014 |
Here's one more commentary on the Maywood melee, which the MSM have persisted in ignoring, for the most part.
This piece, by 'Mark Andrew Dwyer', quotes a letter from one of the women who was assaulted by the Raza rioters at Maywood.
In some of the internet discussions of this story, I've seen some righteous anger and outrage, but there are, amazingly, still some people who consider the angry comments to be overreaction. 'It's just one incident; these kinds of things happen every day; it's just a lot of rhetoric and tempers flaring.'
This latter kind of response is baffling to me. There are signs aplenty that the Mexican invaders are serious about making this country theirs, and they are quite open in their hostility to us 'gringos' and 'pilgrims' and gavachos.
And yes, I know what the 'nice' people's response to this is: 'It's just a few troublemakers, and every group has those. Most of the Hispanic people I know are hard-working, friendly and church-going.'
Where have we heard this line of thinking before? It does sound strangely familiar. Oh yes, it's just another variation on the old 'moderate Muslim' script. After 9/11 when there was a lot of anger and suspicion expressed towards Moslems, the same 'nice' people said 'Let's not stereotype others; after all, I have Muslim neighbors (or coworkers, or students, or classmates) and they are the nicest, warmest people I know. Most Muslims are not fanatics, it's only a few troublemakers who are causing the problems; just a small minority of extremists.' So, even now, too many Americans are content to tell themselves, and be told by their lying media, that this is the case; the world is full of good neighbors, with just a few bad apples, so let's not be 'negative' and assume the worst.
Meanwhile, the 'Reconquista' proceeds apace, with only a few people, like those in Maywood to raise their voices against it. And Islam continues to work its insidious plans throughout the Western world, aided and abetted by all the 'positive thinking' people in the West.
But some of us are not going gentle into that good night; there might be hope that some of the somnabulists will wake up before it's too late.