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Mild Colonial Boy at The Boy's Own Paper recently posted a quote from Gallia Watch, which in turn quoted François Desouche.
The term 'ethnomasochism' is a term coined by French thinker Guillaume Faye:
(It is) the masochistic tendency to regard with a sense of guilt and a sense of worthlessness one�s own ethnic group, one�s own people.
Ethnomasochism is similar to shame of oneself and self-hatred. It is a collective psychopathology, triggered by a long propaganda effort to foster a presumed fundamental sense of guilt felt by Europeans vis-� -vis other peoples, of whom they are assumed to be the "oppressors". It is therefore necessary to repent and to "pay the debt." This effort at repentance, a veritable historical sham, has been undertaken by the Churches, as well as by the European States.
Ethnomasochism is also the basis of anti-natalistic policies that surreptitiously aim to limit the reproduction of European populations. Implicitly then, it can be likened to a type of "self-racism". The European man can be said to have been struck down by an original sin, an intrinsic racial stain: he is guilty of being what he is.
Ethnomasochism provokes the systematic defense of cross-breeding ("métissage) and cosmopolitanism. Curiously, it denies to Europeans the idea of ethnic identity, but grants it to others. Europeans are duty-bound to dilute themselves, but other peoples, Africans for example, are not. Ethnomasochism is the counterweight of xenophilia (love and overestimation of the foreigner, the "other"). It is related to ethno-suicide.
In history, ethnomasochism is not new; it was the symptom of peoples tired of life, tired of perpetuating themselves; of aging peoples who pass the torch to others. The European elite are afflicted with this collective illness. And this illness explains the laxness towards the colonization by migrants and the idea that we have both a duty and a need to welcome the new occupiers.''
It's a useful word, ethnomasochism. I've often thought how masochistic (to use the psycho-jargon) the multiculturalists and liberals/leftists generally are.
Guillaume Faye is something of a controversial figure on the right because he is a bit of a maverick, and of course he has been brought up on charges of 'hate speech' in his native France, I believe. Though I don't endorse every view he expresses I think he has a great many useful things to say, and his work is worth reading. I had actually intended to quote some of his writings here recently, but other things came up and I deferred the posting. But since MCB and Gallia Watch have quoted Faye, now is a good time to post about Faye.
The Guillaume Faye Archive can be found here.
Here's a little excerpt from The Cause of the Peoples?
Europe First!
I respect the destiny of the sometimes afflicted Inuits, Tibetans, Amazonians, Pygmies, Kanaks, Aborigines, Berbers, Saharians, Indians, Nubians, the inevitable Palestinians, and the little green men from outer space. But don�t expect crocodile tears from me. When the flooding threatens my own house, I can think only of my own predicament and haven't time to help or plead for others. Besides, when have these others ever cared about us? In any case, the dangers threatening them are greatly exaggerated, especially in view of their demographic vigor, which, incidentally, is owed to Western medicine and material aid -- for the same Western forces that have allegedly exploited them also seems to have made them prosper (or, at least, to reproduce in unprecedented numbers).
If our communitarians really want to defend the cause des peuples, they might start with Europeans, who are now under assault by the demographic, migratory, and cultural forces of an overpopulated Third World. In face of these threats, you won't find us sniveling (like a priest) or fleeing (like an intellectual) to the 'other's' cause. 'Ourselves alone' will suffice.''
And here, from a 2005 speech in Moscow, he discusses the idea of 'ethnomasochism.'
The present situation can be explained, almost clinically, as a sort of "mental AIDS." Our present afflictions come from the virus of nihilism, which Nietzsche foresaw, and which has weakened all our natural defenses. Thus infected, Europeans have succumbed to a feverish self-extinction. They have voluntarily opened the city gates.
The primary symptom of this disease is "xenophilia: " a systematic preference for the Other rather than for the Same. A second symptom is "ethnomasochism, " a hatred of one�s own civilization and origins. A third is emasculation [dévirilisation] , or what might be called the cult of weakness and a preference for male homosexuality. Historically proven values associated with the use of force and a people�s survival � values associated with honor, loyalty, family, fertility, patriotism, the will to survive, etc. � are treated today as ridiculous shortcomings.
This sort of decadence owes a good deal to the secularization of Christian charity and its egalitarian offshoot, human rights. Europeans may take inspiration from certain values still upheld in Russia: For example, the consciousness of belonging to a superior civilization and of maintaining a "right to distance" from other peoples. We need to break with all forms of "ethnopluralism, " which is simply another kind of egalitarianism, and reclaim the right to "ethnocentrism, " the right to live in our own lands without the Other. We also have to reclaim the principle: "To each his own." Besides, only Westerners believe race-mixing is a virtue or envisage the future as a melting pot. They alone believe in cosmopolitanism.''
Faye explains his opposition to the reflexive anti-Americanism which is common in Europe, and he writes of the importance of distinguishing between one's 'principal adversary' and one's 'principal enemy.' I think it's a useful distinction which we could apply to our situation in America.
A people or nation must learn to distinguish between its "principal adversary" and its "principal enemy." The first tries to dominate and undermine, the second to kill. We shouldn�t forget Carl Schmitt�s formula: "It�s not only you who chooses your enemy, it�s more often your enemy who chooses you." America, specifically its ruling class, is Europe�s and Russia�s "principal adversary" at the level of geopolitics, economics, and culture.
Europe�s "principal enemy" is the peoples of the South, increasingly assembled under the banner of Islam, whose invasion of the continent is already well underway, facilitated by a political class and an intelligentsia who have opened the gates (to Washington�s delight) and who seek a miscegenated, non-European Europe.''
[Emphasis mine]
Of our future, Faye said
I�ve postulated the hypothesis that the present global system, founded on a belief in miracles, a belief in the myth of indefinite progress, is on the verge of collapse. For the first time in history, humanity as a whole is threatened by a cataclysmic crisis that is likely to occur sometime between 2010 and 2020 � a crisis provoked by the on-going degradation of the ecosystem and climatic disruptions, by the exhaustion of fossil fuel sources and food producing capacity, by the increased fragility of an international economic order based on speculation and massive indebtedness, by the return of epidemics, by the rise of nationalism, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation, by the growing aggressiveness of Islam�s world offense, and by the dramatic aging of the West�s population.
We need to prepare for these converging catastrophes, which will mark the transition from one era to another, as their cataclysmic effects sweep away liberal modernity and bring about a New Middle Age. With such a convergence, there will also come an opportunity for rebirth, for every major historical regeneration emerges from chaos. This is especially the case with a civilization like our own, whose very nature is "metamorphic."

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