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The latest news that has some people, especially conservatives and counter-jihadists astir, is that the Netherlands has announced an abandonment of multiculturalism, in favor of an integrationist model.
It's baffling that many people commenting on the Internet are hailing this as some kind of milestone, when if we just look back as far as February of this year, we find the Dutch Prime Minister Maxime Verhagen saying something similar.
Verhagen has also come out with a new statement: ''Fear of foreigners'', he says, is understandable, but...
''Verhagen said he wants to distance himself from populism but that he is not blind to what drives it. 'We have to make sure we do not dismiss these concerns as being offensive or unmentionable,' he will say. 'Such unease should also be the unease of a people's party like the CDA.'
Solutions offered by some parties are populist and simplistic, Verhagen says, in a veiled reference to the anti-Islam PVV. 'The fact that the multi-cultural society has failed is not a reason to crawl back behind the dykes and to reject everything which is strange and unfamiliar.''[Emphasis mine]
Here is an admission that the intent is to steal the thunder of the populist parties, or the more pro-Dutch parties. Isn't this always the motive when these Western leaders make these anti-multiculturalist statements?
It seems as though it works; it's amazing how people are so willing to be placated by a few words. After all, talk is cheap.
We can look back and see David Cameron's statement that multiculturalism is a failure. and yet has anything changed for the better in the UK since that statement was made? Has anything changed substantially in Australia since John Howard made a similar statement? Or what about Angela Merkel's speeches along these lines? Tony Blair's? In fact we can see they keep saying these things, and yet nothing really changes. They've been making these speeches for some years now, and the multicult juggernaut keeps rolling on.
Even if the ruling powers in the Netherlands really mean what they are saying, what they are in fact saying is that they will go on being committed 110 percent to a 'diverse', multiracial society, but will demand that immigrants and Dutch-born ''others'' integrate and blend in, adapt.
And what is the outcome when integration is pursued? Blending of the peoples, until some kind of amorphous population is attained. The Netherlands may insist on 'integration' but the people of that country, the actual Dutch people, will be integrated to everybody else, ultimately, and cease to be recognizably and distinctively Dutch, just as our country's character has been melted down gradually since 'diversity' first arrived on these shores.
I hope the Dutch people will not settle for this kind of empty gesture; integration is not what is needed. It means loss of identity and character, and eventual replacement, as long as mass immigration continues unabated.

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