Criticism of the churches is merited, but...
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It seems it's open season on Christianity at many blogs, including AmRen.
I'm willing to acknowledge that there are grounds for criticism, and it's fully understandable that many people on our side are disgusted with these multiculturalists in religious guise who are trailing two steps behind the secular multicultists. These 'Christians' are so eager to be in step with the current multicult madness that they can no longer see that they are emulating the world system, eager to be accepted by it and part of it. Christians should remember what our Bible says about 'friendship with the world.'
Lately I suddenly noticed that AmRen had been blessedly free of many of the anti-Christian comments that once plagued it, mainly the work of one particular poster who blamed Christianity for everything. Then I noticed that the comment policy had been revised, and now contains a warning about criticism of 'traditional Western religions.' Aha, that was why. But now it appears everybody is coming out of the woodwork with the usual ''Christianity is a slave morality'' nonsense via Nietzsche, et al. So back to square one. Christianity is to blame again, but notice the mods' statement on closing of this thread:
'' It is being closed before a certain conversation about a certain topic gets out of hand. Thank you for your consideration.''
I wonder what that unnamed topic could be?
We know it isn't Christianity which is the topic that must not be talked about. That conversation will continue unabated, and the criticism will continue -- deservedly so, to some extent. Thanks to those 'Christians' who have left their churches wide open to criticism by their misguided actions.

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