Anti-Christians on the right
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The other day I blogged about a piece at AmRen, and I've been following the lengthy discussion which has continued there.
The discussion has gone off in a decidedly anti-Christian direction, with a few posters going back and forth and cheering each other on in their slams at Christianity. Or is it one poster or two under several names?
This kind of stuff is not new on the right; I've alluded to it in the past and tried to give substantive responses to it. But it seems to be ramping up. I am sure most of you are familiar with the 'argument', such as it is. If for some reason you aren't, I'll sum it up: Christianity is the cause, or a main cause, of the dying of the West and all of its various symptoms, such as multiculturalism, mass immigration from the Third World, and the replacement or displacement of White people everywhere.
What do the anti-Christian zealots over there hope to accomplish? A lot of people on our side are Christians. The 'Bible Belt' has probably the largest proportion of people who are pro-White of any part of the country. What is accomplished by attacking the faith of many of your allies? I know it's certainly alienating me from that site and from those people who are constantly harping on how Christianity has to go.
The only people they are likely to persuade are people that are already 'post-Christian' or doubters.
I'll probably have more to say on this later, as it is deserves an answer. However, where are the pro-Christian responses over at AR? Apart from an occasional half-hearted defense, there's very little. And for every pro-Christian response, one or two anti-Christians pop up and go into their song and dance about how Christianity is an alien religion not fit for Westerners, and that we should go back to our pagan roots.
I've been given to understand that AR is strictly moderated. I don't post there, and haven't in the past, but I've heard that many comments don't pass muster, sometimes for less than obvious reasons. I have also heard that AR is very strict about not allowing criticism of certain religions, so why is it permanent open season on Christianity over there?

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