A neglected aspect of the illegal invasion
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Amid all the verbal sparring about 'guest-worker' plans, English as the official language, and all the rest, there is one aspect of the illegal invasion that is often overlooked: damage to the environment, especially in the border states.
This story by Michael Clancy in the Arizona Republic concerns damage to archaeological sites in Arizona, specifically three monuments: Grand Canyon - Parashant, Vermilion Cliffs, and Agua Fria.
Although the article does not allude to illegals as being the cause for the damage, and no doubt some would say I am making an unjustified connection, we can certainly speculate, based on other such incidences of damage.
Here, NPR has a piece called 'Environmentalists: Nature in Crossfire of Border War'.
Here is another, more extensive report on damage to National Forests and Monuments in Arizona. The piece mentions that illegal aliens and drug smugglers/human smugglers are causing the damage. But one particularly shocking factoid was the sheer numbers of people who are overrunning this area of Arizona:
This inadequately protected area in and around the small ranching towns of Bisbee and Douglas were inundated last year by 1 to 3 million illegal aliens most of whom escaped into the interior of the United States. Only one half million were apprehended by border patrol agents.
And think about this: 1 to 3 million in that area alone! And we are supposed to believe that we have only '12 million' in the entire U.S. now, after 20+ years of the invasion since the last amnesty? How stupid does our government think we are?

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