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The New York Times gushes about the wonders of interracial families, which, in the multicult's world-view, are inherently superior to monoracial, specifically, White families.
I suppose the zeal of the multicultists to ensure that everybody has an available nonwhite partner out there must be a big factor in their big push, since 1965, to de-Whiten America. After all, in a country with a small nonwhite population, Whites would be too likely to marry one another and have White children. And that is a highly undesirable state of affairs for the multicultists. So the percentage of nonwhites had to be increased drastically in order to accelerate things.
Many people have themselves convinced that the government's eagerness for mass immigration is due mostly to the desire for cheap labor on the part of business, but now we have liberals and 'progressives' more or less openly admitting what the older generations said back in the era of the Civil Rights Revolution: that intermarriage was an ultimate goal of such 'activism.'
The older generations said that then, and they were called 'bigots' for even suggesting that intermarriage was an implicit goal of 'desegregation' but now the media cheerfully and openly admit it.
And here's the scary part: the liberal/multiculti mindset thinks that intermarriage is so good, and indeed, so imperative for America, that they are willing to entertain the idea of governmental policies meddling in people's marital choices, as this Slate article on interracial marriage suggests:
...All these numbers may be climbing, but they remain low. What's more, the white-black marriage rate lags significantly behind rates of white intermarriage with other, nonblack races. Among 25-to-34-year-olds, 52 percent of Native Americans and 40 percent of Asians married outside their race, while only 6 percent of blacks did so. The racism that kept Alabama's constitution unchanged has hardly been eradicated. Whether these habits will change on their own, with the maturation of a more tolerant generation, or whether full social acceptance of black Americans will require a concerted governmental effort, is unknowable. In the meantime, we can take only meager pride in achieving a society in which interracial marriage is safe, legal, and, alas, rare.''
I wonder if Mr. Greenberg is married to a nonwhite spouse?
What kind of 'concerted governmental effort', one wonders, would be contemplated? Penalizing those who participate in 'racist' marriages with those of their own race? Making such marriages a 'hate-crime'? Incentives for interracial marriages? What?
First, the laws against interracial marriage were overturned and now the homosexual agenda is following that precedent to press for same-sex marriage as a 'right.'
However, going from merely allowing irregular or unnatural marriages to take place to actively promoting them via government policy and funding is another step towards totalitarianism. On the one hand, first leftists claim that the government should take a hands-off approach to marriage, it being a choice between 'consenting adults.' but now suddenly government should be meddling in our personal choices. How does that work?
To say that government has no right to dictate who we may marry, at least in regards to male and female, is one thing, but to then turn around and agitate for the government to promote mixed-race marriages is illogical.
But there can be little doubt that there is an agenda being promoted, and that the results of the recent election seem to have given the government and the media propagandists the green light to push forward, full speed ahead, with that Babelizing agenda.
(H/T James Edwards)

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