Survival of the Fittest?
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I've refrained from commenting on this story, firstly because I do not watch these reality shows. I generally avoid most mass popular culture. It has nothing to say to me, and most of today's 'entertainment' is too full of heavy-handed PC propaganda and badly-hidden 'messages.'
Add to that the generally crass and crude nature of virtually everything on primetime TV, and that's my incentive to shun it like the plague.
But there's no escaping this story; it's being discussed everywhere.
NYC officials want to stop segregated 'Survivor'
This AP article describes the effort by a group of New York City elected officials, mostly from various minority caucuses, to stop CBS' planned upcoming season of the 'Survivor' series. They object to the series because they see it as racially divisive. The scenario includes the dividing of the participants into four teams, based on race: Asian, black, Latino, and white.
Of course, per the AP article, CBS is defending its idea. I am sure part of the plan was to gin up a lot of controversy; as the saying goes, there's no such thing as bad publicity. All publicity is good, and controversy is a big draw. So I am sure there was an intent to get people stirred up and to get the buzz started. So far, so good; they've succeeded.
I don't doubt that people will flock to the series, if it goes on as planned.
But I don't see what the brouhaha is all about. The fact is, this 'race vs. race, ethnicity vs. ethnicity' theme is just a microcosm of our Western society. The very same people who are clamoring to stop this show, the racial divisionmongers, are the ones who push racial and ethnic division every single day of their lives. For these ethnic elected officials, you can bet that they owe their position and influence and livelihood to fomenting and playing to racial division. They exploit it and milk it to the max. They live on it. It is their bread and butter. It is their oxygen. So why are they now wailing about 'promoting divisiveness'? If they were opposed to divisiveness, they would simply be Americans, and not people whose ethnicity is their whole purpose in living.
The fact is, as a society we are divided by race and ethnicity. Only we of the majority are forbidden to assert our own. We are browbeaten and scolded and admonished to be 'colorblind' and inclusive. We are told that 'race is a social construct', that 'it's just about skin color, and race is only skin deep.' Meanwhile, while we are busy being inclusive and diverse, everybody else is forming their own exclusive, non-diverse little ethnic societies. They can loudly assert their own self-interest with impunity, while we of the majority are not allowed that right. Any such self-interest displayed by the majority is 'racism' and hate and it's unfaaaair.
So if this series does go ahead as planned (and I suspect it will), be sure that the same rules will apply there, as in the larger world: the 'underdog' minorities will be allowed to practice naked ethnic aggression and will be accorded privilege, while the 'heavies', the white participants, will have to constantly prove their 'fairness' and lack of racism.
Be sure it will turn into a PC morality play, just like all our 'entertainment' these days.
Now if we could have an honest competition, gloves off, let the best man win, with no 'affirmative action' preferences or concessions made, I would be all for it.
Only if it truly was 'survival of the fittest' would it be worth watching.
But that would never be allowed in our PC-controlled media.

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