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Arizona Senate panel passes birthright citizen law
Here is the Arizona Star's report on the bill.
AZ bill would ban illegal immigrants from driving, college
SB 1611, set for hearing this afternoon, also would put companies that do not use a federal database to check the status of new workers out of business. And it would require cities to evict anyone in public housing who cannot prove legal presence in this country.
Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, described the legislation as not doing much at all.
"This is cleanup," he said. "All it does is do what the voters have passed in terms of no taxpayer dollars for illegals."[Emphasis mine]
Contrast the situation in Arizona with that of, oh, let's say Wisconsin, at least as of a few years ago.
Wisconsin's efforts to give sanctuary to illegal immigrants by granting them official state documents have evidently been successful. According to the DMV personnel we interviewed, there has been a veritable flood of illegal immigrants besieging DMV offices to get IDs and licenses over the past four years. Illegal immigrants arrive at DMV stations almost daily. On some days they represent the bulk of a service center's customers, especially in the southeastern and mid-eastern parts of the state. Because of the extra time that DMV officials must spend aiding foreign license applicants, costs rise.
Estimates of the number of illegals who have Wisconsin IDs and driver's licenses are somewhere in the area of 350,000 to 400,000. According to one DMV source, the number cannot be affirmed with specificity because for years there "was an 'informal' agreement between the Madison DMV and the local Social Security office. If the DMV found someone there illegally, the person would be referred to the local Social Security office, which would somehow issue the person a number.... Thus many illegals appear to have valid Social Security numbers in our system and cannot be distinguished from genuine citizens." Apparently, the informal agreement was dropped sometime after 9/11.
The increased costs at the DMV centers are undoubtedly a drop in the bucket compared to the costs that the illegals impose on the state and county welfare systems. All of the DMV agents whom we interviewed affirmed that it is a common occurrence for illegal immigrants to use Wisconsin QUEST cards (which are used to get foodshare benefits) and Wisconsin Forward cards (which are used to access Medicaid and Badgercare healthcare programs) as proof of their identity when applying for licenses and IDs, indicating that the first priority for many illegals upon entering the state is to obtain welfare benefits at taxpayer expense.''
However, since then,
The Wisconsin legislature approved a new budget and it forbids illegal aliens from obtaining driver's licenses. The budget does, however, allow children of illegal aliens who attend Wisconsin high schools to qualify for in-state tuition.''
And here:
Some illegal immigrant high school graduates will be able to attend Wisconsin state universities by paying in-state tuition, under a provision in the two-year budget Gov. Jim Doyle signed into law Monday.
Wisconsin now becomes the 11th state to enact such a law.
To qualify, students would have to reside in the state for three years, graduate from a Wisconsin high school or earn an equivalency degree here.
The students would have to apply through the normal channels.
It's estimated from 400 to 650 illegal immigrants annually graduate from state high schools, but they must pay out-of-state tuition if they enroll in the state university system or technical colleges.
State Rep. Pedro Colón (D-Milwaukee) first introduced the in-state college tuition measure in 1999, when he was new to the Assembly.''
According to this site Wisconsin has an estimated 41,000 illegal immigrants, a figure which sounds ridiculously low to me.
Apparently Wisconsin still offers medical care to pregnant women regardless of their illegal status.And it also provides medical care for 'anchor babies' or citizen children of illegals, according to the info in that pdf file at the link.
If we look at the states in the most financial trouble, it is evident that the states with the largest numbers of immigrants are the ones in dire straits, for the most part.
"The recession is causing state and local tax revenues to fall steeply at the same time that high unemployment and rising poverty are increasing the need for state services such as Medicaid and other programs that serve the poor and near-poor," McNichol said. "The change in the number of food stamp recipients is the single best early warning measure of what is happening to poverty in a state."
And the need for 'state services such as Medicaid' which 'serve the poor and near-poor' is directly tied to the number of immigrants and refugees, I would say. Some would insist that the poor economy is the only factor, but how does it make sense to add millions more immigrants and 'refugees' each year to an economy which already has such a high unemployment rate? And the numbers keep on mounting, with illegals entering this country every hour of every day. And that's not counting the millions of legal immigrants.
Even the immigrants who work usually draw some sort of state or federal benefits, such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, school lunches, WIC, and subsidized housing, as well as SSI, which is very much used by older immigrants (legal in most cases) who are brought here by their children or grandchildren.
There is just no honest way to disconnect the immigration issue from the economic crisis all across this country.
Meanwhile, people look for scapegoats among their own people, while passing over the immigration aspect of the story. Americans these days, especially White Americans, are too quick to condemn their own fellow Whites who are on unemployment, or older people who are on Social Security, while scarcely mentioning the role played by immigrants in this disaster. After all, one's own folk are safe targets for condemnation, as always, while the immigrants, though a source of some grumbling are usually excused and their role ignored, especially by the 'respectable Republicans' whose main concern is not to be called a name.
Kudos to Arizona for their efforts to do something to staunch the flow of 'taxpayer dollars to illegals.' And Wisconsin will have to recant its political correctness, or else the majority population will again have to foot the bill for the powers-that-be and their generosity to the replacement populations.

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