Missing ingredient
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I was just reading some blogs wherein the usual infighting and general contentiousness prevailed, with very little response from either other, more reasonable commenters or the blogger(s) in question.
Often I wonder why this curious detachment. I think I have finally realized something, which may be obvious to my readers, though I was slow in grasping it.
Some of the bloggers who are ostensibly champions of our side seem to have only an intellectual commitment to it. I keep noticing more and more the absence of emotion on the subject.
Perhaps I am the anomaly or the oddity, if you want to put it that way, in that this subject is emotional and visceral to me. It is not just an intellectual exercise or a game in which I want my 'side' to 'win'. This is deeply serious business to me, and it's the future of our posterity, our children and grandchildren. It's our way of life. It's all we hold dear. It's home and family. It's the life's blood of our ancestors, who made great sacrifices to come here and establish a homeland for all of us, their descendants.
It's about honor. It's about truth, and about what is just and right. It's survival. It's about not letting the heretofore unbroken chain be broken irrevocably. It's about preserving the best of what our forefathers lived for.
"Breathes there the man with soul so dead", as Scott said.
Yet apparently there are those who don't feel this emotionally. The love and the loyalty and the fierce attachment are not there. The lights may be on upstairs but nobody is home down where the hearth-fire should be burning.
The missing piece for some of those who are supposedly our compatriots is the feeling, the emotion, the "all-or-nothing, this is it," sense of urgency.
That missing piece is only the most important one of all.

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