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On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, 1932, grocery store ads show these prices for the turkey dinner and various 'fixings':
U.S. Prime Turkey 25c lb.
U.S. Prime Corn Fed Geese 20c lb.
U.S. Prime Corn Fed Ducks 20c lb.
U.S. Selected Spring Roosters 10c lb.
2 lb. jar Extra Good Mince Meat 23c
Fancy Almonds 18c lb.
Fancy Walnuts 17c lb.
2 lbs. Cranberries 29 cents
3 1/2 oz. Bottle Stuffed Olives 10c
2 large cans Solid Pack Pumpkin 23c
9 lbs. Sweet Potatoes 25c
Fancy Celery, per bunch 4c
Hill's Bros. Coffee; per lb. 35c
Free Delivery
A far cry from today's prices, and of course the free delivery is mostly a thing of the past.
Also at this time in 1932, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the country was in somewhat the same situation as we find ourselves in today. A new president had just been elected, the country was in economic distress, and the president-elect was expected to come into office and clean up the mess, put things right. President Franklin Roosevelt was of course the president-elect, a Democrat who was seen by many as some kind of knight on a white horse who would 'fix' the depression which was widely blamed on the outgoing Republican president, Herbert Hoover.
The New York Times editorial page has lately called for President Bush to leave office without delay, simply break precedent and clear out so that today's Man on a Horse can come in posthaste and put the world to rights. However, it's odd that back in 1932 the installation of the new administration was still by tradition delayed until March of the following year.
An editorial piece in this 1932 paper, titled 'Speed Lame Ducks' Passing' says this:
Franklin D. Roosevelt does not take office until next March. However, it is already apparent that he will have a tremendous influence on the government policies that take shape between now and then. He and President Hoover are trying to shape a mutually satisfactory stand on the war debts; the short term congress is looking to him constantly, for guidance and advice.
All of this adds one last, clinching argument to the case for the now pending 20th amendment to the constitution -- the lame duck amendment which would abolish the short session and cause a new president and congress to take office at the beginning of January instead of the beginning of March. That amendment must be ratified by 19 more states. Let us hope that their action can be prompt."

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