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Remember the story last November of the Texas man, Joe Horn, who shot two illegal alien burglars in his yard?
Good news: he's been no-billed. Read it here:
Grand jury clears Joe Horn in controversial Pasadena shootings
... Horn's attorney, Tom Lambright, first heard the news in a phone call from 11 News.
"I'm sure Joe will be delighted," Lambright said. "I think the evidence showed that Joe was, in fact, within his legal rights to do what he did. He didn't want to do it, but he didn't have any other alternative."
Lambright said Horn still feels awful about the shooting and is not ready to comment publicly yet.
He said Horn is very grateful to the people who supported him and stood behind him.''
Of course the so-called 'community activists' see this as 'frightening.' For them, the ''right'' -- of certain groups of people, at least -- to trespass, burglarize, and escape with impunity is paramount, while the castle doctrine, allowing a man to defend home and property, frightens them.
The article concludes by telling us that police went to Horn's neighborhood 'as a precaution.' Precaution against what? 'Community activists' coming in to stir up more trouble?
Last December these same activists received a 'warm' welcome from Joe Horn's neighbors. Remember this video of that encounter? It was quite a shock at that time to see this kind of show of backbone. We have become so used to seeing the other side win every skirmish simply by default, because our side tends to be divided and/or apathetic. Once in a while we see glimpses of life on our side, and it is heartening.
I hope the people of Pasadena, Texas show the same resolute character they showed in the video should Mr. X and his friends return.

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