Down the slippery slope to diversity
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I've always maintained that the Ellis Island wave of immigration led to our current immigration tsunami, as the descendants of the original Ellis Island immigrants, who were essentially the vanguard of ''diversity'', tend to side with immigrants and against the core population of America, the old-stock colonist descendants.
We know the story; those Anglo-Saxon Protestants, who were bigots, were naughty and mean to the Ellis Island immigrants, writing harsh editorials about them and generally being snobbish and elitist.
Memories are long, and grudges persist for generations it seems, and so to compensate for having been so mean to the ethnic immigrants, we must now make amends in perpetuity by allowing Moslems to immigrate here. It's only fair, isn't it?
And isn't America a nation of immigrants, whose sacred duty is to provide a home for anybody who is dissatisfied or just plain restless? Don't they have a God-given right to immigrate here? Apparently so.
What, I wonder, would have happened if those old-stock WASPs who ran America then had simply said 'no, thanks' when the immigrant ships began arriving in great numbers? What if they had closed the 'Golden Door' as Emma Lazarus called it and said 'we're full up; we can manage just fine by ourselves.' Which we could, because we did, for 200 years or so.
Was it better for us to have opened those ''Golden Doors'' that have been just about torn off their hinges in recent years by the stampede of would-be immigrants, or would we have been better off without having put out the welcome mat?
The one factor that is almost never taken into account in discussing immigration is the interests of the native-born citizenry. Our interests and wishes should have been paramount; instead, the emphasis shifted to sympathy for the poor downtrodden, the 'huddled masses', and away from native-born Americans, and there it has stayed until this day.
In one immigration sob story of a year or so ago, I remember some Pakistani immigrant being quoted as saying that ''this country is for everybody; it doesn't belong to Americans only.'' And that's the party line that the media and our political classes hew to, to our great detriment.
We often say that the guilt trip began in the 1960s with the Civil Rights Revolution, but it began during the Ellis Island wave of immigration, and it's still going strong.
Blacks want reparations for the injustices they feel were done to them by our ancestors, but Ellis Islanders require penance of us, which involves opening our doors to all and sundry, without discriminating (that is, picking and choosing). The loss of our country and our majority status, along with our children's future, is the price being demanded ultimately in payment for our 'sins' against their ancestors.
However, I refuse to feel guilt on this score; there were legitimate reasons why the bad old WASPs wanted to choose carefully who came here to live among us; they wanted to preserve their existing order of things, which had been bought at a considerable price by their fathers. I suspect many of the Ellis Islanders don't appreciate that; their ancestors came to a country that had been carved out of the wilderness by others, and they did not even have to do the hard work of winning the country from nature and from the Indians. It's often said that what you yourself don't work for, tends to be valued lightly. That appears to be so, as many of the descendants of later immigrants seem not to care that this country might no longer be ours very soon. It seems they would prefer to give it away to strangers rather than let the resented WASP descendants enjoy it.
I think our present diversity debacle illustrates perfectly how diversity, far from being a strength, undermines and weakens and ultimately destroys the foundations of a nation.
And that diversity debacle was begun by allowing ever more disparate groups of people free entry into our country. Now that we can see the pattern, it may be too late to reverse it -- and it will be, if the EI descendants continue to try to extract their revenge on WASP America, or its tattered remnants.

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