Disappointing, though unsurprising
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Over at the Confederate Colonel blog, Stephen Clay McGehee has been posting a series of videos produced by the Georgia SCV(Sons of Confederate Veterans) which were to be run on The History Channel as paid ads. Now it appears The History Channel has backed out, following a complaint by a liberal blogger. (I wish I had that much power as a blogger, that a complaint from me would stop a cable network from running ads I don't like.)
I am not surprised. Knowing the slant of The History Channel, I was, rather, surprised that they would accept any ad from a politically incorrect group (especially one Confederate-related.)
I have watched the first couple of videos and they are not offensive; they are well-done, and do not represent 'hate' or any such thing. But they do represent a point of view which, shamefully, is not permitted in this country any longer.
Over at Confederate Colonel, you can watch the ads for yourself on this page.
The History Channel, despite its authoritative and impartial-sounding name, is nothing more than a purveyor of propaganda, much like all the so-called educational channels on TV. I am an avid watcher of factual historical programming, but for some time, The History Channel, like PBS and just about all channels, traffics in political correctness, not facts. For that reason there is no longer TV in this home; life is better and more peaceful without it.
But nonetheless, millions of people still watch TV and obtain much of their ''information'' from it. That is why it is tragic that only one side of ''history'' can be heard, and only one side of the ''news'' is reported.

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