And the costs keep going up
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Following on the 'Guard the Borders Blogburst' posted below, Phyllis Schlafly's column here gives us some more facts about the rising costs of illegal immigration.
On today's Lou Dobbs program, on CNN, a guest named Juan Jose Gutierrez of the 'Latino Movement USA' claimed that illegals are subject to 'taxation without representation.' Schlafly's article points out that, on the contrary, millions of illegals work 'off the books' and pay no taxes on their earnings.
"That enables both employer and employee to avoid paying taxes, and enables employers to avoid paying workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, and assorted other taxes. If the Internal Revenue Service collected all the taxes that should be paid by the underground economy, our current budget deficit would disappear overnight, according to a Bear Stearns study released in 2005."

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