American dhimmitude
0 comment Thursday, September 4, 2014 |
I notice that over at Free Republic, Bobby Jindal is being talked up as the 'new Gipper.'
When Michael Steele was announced as the new chairman of the RNC, the FReepers thought he was a great choice, and just what was needed to counter the Democrats' Dear Leader. I notice Steele's recent remarks about a new 'hip-hop' Republican Party were met with rather muted responses over there, but few were willing to say that they were wrong to swoon over Steele a few weeks ago.
The enthusiasm for the essentially unknown and unproven Piyush Jindal is a product of the same mindset: the self-abasing idea embraced by many Republicans that the party is 'behind the times' and deficient without a nonwhite leader to legitimize it. To me, the fact that so many Republicans have adopted this notion is just proof of how deeply they've internalized all the politically correct orthodoxies on race which the Democrats champion. And yet they imagine that they are the opposition to the Democrats, while in fact they are just the little shadow of the Democrats, politically correct to the core.
Unless some other party or group arises which represents the interests of the White majority in this country, it looks as though we are imposing a kind of dhimmitude on ourselves, even before we've become a numerical minority in this country.

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