A tale of two hoaxes
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This is no surprise to many people: the so-called 'McCain volunteer' who claimed she was robbed and assaulted by an Obama supporter has now apparently admitted the story was fabricated.
...According to Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Diane Richard, Ashley Todd, 20, told investigators today that she "was not robbed and there was no 6'4" black male attacker."
Todd initially told police that she was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield Wednesday night and that the suspect began beating her after seeing a John McCain bumper sticker on her car.
Todd claimed that the mugger even cut a backwards letter "B" in her cheek.
But today investigators say Todd confessed that the attack never happened.''
On her MySpace profile (her page is now apparently private) she said:
"Lying is the most fun a girl can have."
And it appears that at least one other young woman thinks along similar lines:
Police Say Girl Lied About Racism Charges
Morgan claims she has been the target of racism at West Bend East High School. The 15-year-old said she�s been pushed down the stairs, had eggs thrown at her and has been called racial slurs.
Police arrested Morgan at her grandmother�s home Monday afternoon. They later booked her at the Washington County Juvenile Detention Center.
Police want the district attorney to charge her with obstructing an officer for lying to investigators.
The police chief said the investigation proves Morgan made the whole story up.''
Can we guess which story will be the most publicized and sensationalized? The MSM are already making hay with the Ashley Todd hoax story. It will be milked for all it is worth; there will be more pontifications about 'White racism' and generalizations made against not only McCain supporters, but Republicans, 'conservatives' in general, and of course Whitey.
And the fake hate crime accusations by the Morgan girl? I will be surprised if she really is prosecuted for lying to police.
The story will be forgotten or buried on a back page, while the Todd story will go on and on, at least until the election is over with.
Compare and contrast: when a White person commits a hoax or accuses a fictitious minority attacker of something --remember the 'runaway bride' story in 2005, in which she claimed to have been abducted and taken to New Mexico by Hispanic kidnapers?
Of course the media made the most of that, and the ''Hispanic community'' demanded apologies. But when a minority person perpetrates a 'hate crime' hoax (which happens not infrequently) the story fades away, and at worst, the hoax perpetrator gets a slap on the wrist or is treated as someone in need of 'help' and 'understanding'. Meanwhile the 'mainstream media' sweep the hate crime hoaxes under the rug, refusing to even look at the apparently growing phenomenon of fake 'hate crime' accusations.
And let's not forget Crystal Gail Mangum, who is still trying to cash in on her proven lies about the 'attack' by the Duke Lacrosse team members.
We know why minorities make up stories of ''hate crimes'' that never happened, or which they themseves perpetrated ('racist' graffiti, nooses, swastikas, threatening notes or whatever). They obviously relish the victimhood role, which is so central to the identity of minorities these days. They may profit by their false claims. They certainly get 15 minutes (or much more) of 'fame' and attention. They get sympathy. And the bonus is that they are furthering the idea that Whitey is always out to get them. Usually the fake 'hate crimes' elicit some kind of community 'demonstration' about 'stopping the hate' and the usual race-baiting speeches are made. It is all part of a kind of ritual, and it is meant to reinforce the whole minority victimhood 'narrative' and the idea of Whites as aggressive and hateful bigots.
Meantime, the media still refuse to talk about the pattern of hate hoaxes.
Thus the other obvious pattern here is that the biased media are anything but objective or even-handed when it comes to reporting these things. In fact, the old media are complicit in the PC hoaxes; they are part and parcel of the whole fraud, by reporting and lending credence to false accusations and patent hoaxes -- when the lies are perpetrated by favored groups.
Most hoaxsters of any type are probably attention seekers, drama queens, histrionic personalities, or just messed-up people.
And that is probably the story with this Todd female. Judging by what she discloses of herself on her MySpace page, she seems to be a girl with a lot of what are colloquially termed 'issues.'
Is she a real McCain supporter or a Republican? To me, her writings don't sound like what I would think of a 'conservative' young woman, but then again, being a conservative doesn't necessarily coincide with being a Republican.
Is there more to the Todd story than just a messed-up, immature young woman looking for attention? We don't know. If she made the whole story up, she should be charged and she should have the book thrown at her. I have no excuses to make for her; she is certainly not helping our side at all; people like her are a liability to us. But I have a feeling she will be made an example of by the media and the justice system, while the Morgan girl will be given a pass. If we really had any kind of equality, each would be treated with similar sternness.

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