Yeagley on globalism, 'missionary America', and nationhood
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David Yeagley over at is one of the really unique voices on the conservative side of the political spectrum -- or on any side, really. If you don't know Dr. Yeagley's work, you should. He always has his own take, and provokes real thought.
This piece appeared a few days ago, and I didn't get around to linking to it. An excerpt:
...Globalism seems so godly. World responsibility seems so appropriate, so saintly. What could possibly be wrong with it? It is devoid of religion. If religion causes all the problems in the world, as agnostics love to boast, how can anyone expect the world ever to be rid of religion? What kind of solution will not involve religion, or would not consider its predominant existence? If religion is the human instinct, if religion dominates the human experience, how are Cadillacs going to rid the world of religion? Muslim leaders have plenty of Cadillacs. This hasn't changed their world view. They're so crazed that they are angry about having Cadillacs, and blaming America that such things exist, while they drive them. Ye olde Protestant concept that material blessing is the reward of right doing, right believing, and right values, is the missing element in the globalist solution. Material prosperity, as a human right, is wrong. There is no such principle in any religion. But this is all globalism has to offer--material prosperity, or the hope thereof. This will never, ever come about, and will only tempt more 'in between' people to war. Everyone will never own a Cadillac. Nature won't allow it. While it may seem a noble idea, it is an impossible idea, and one that nature will not abide. (Dare we so contradict nature?) Even in the commonwealth of ancient Israel, housing the very presence of the Almighty, "the poor shall never cease out of the land." Deuteronomy 15:11. Of course, " thine hand wide unto thy brother." But, this is within the brotherhood, the community, the nation. It does not follow that a nation is to behave toward other nations in this way. Nationhood is the crux of the matter here. Nationhood is ordained of that same God. We are not to weaken nationhood by obliterating borders, enmesshing all economies, and ignoring each nation's individual responsibility to shape up!

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