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There has been some controversy lately over the religious background of Democrat candidate Barack Obama. A story appeared, claiming that he had been educated in a madrassa in Indonesia, and was thus raised a Moslem. The story, when it first appeared, was attributed to someone in Hillary Clinton's camp, but as the MSM scurried to denounce the story as a hoax and a lie, they declared that it came from a 'right-wing' source and that it was shamelessly spread by Fox News.
The sheer number of the debunking stories is staggering; it looks as though the MSM mobilized to counter the story almost as soon as it hit the wires. One of the first denials cited, as a rebuttal, Obama's own autobiography. Now how is that an independent, objective source? Obama defenders on the Internet have cited Snopes.com as their source for disproving the story. I see a lot of blind faith in Snopes.com as the ultimate authority on the truth of any story or rumor. I have read and consulted Snopes, and it can be informative and entertaining, but hardly infallible. To my knowledge, it's just a husband-and-wife team, and they consult mostly the same sources as you and I do to get their information, so I recommend taking them with a grain of salt. A number of people have raised questions about the bias of Snopes.com.
The Snopes.com folks are human beings with the same fallibility and unconscious biases as any of us. However they do present themselves as authoritative, and are given excessive credence in many cases. My point is not that they are not to be believed, but that they should be cross-checked, and that they should not be blindly trusted as all-knowing.
So was Obama educated in a full-blown madrassa, or just in a Moslem-run school in Indonesia? This is basically what the dispute comes down to. In his own autobiography he says that he went to a Moslem school for a couple of years, and a Catholic school. Indisputably, his first name, Barack, and middle name, Hussein, are Arab/Moslem names, so there will always be that question about his roots and his loyalties. I am surprised he or his defenders have not played the 'Islamophobia' card yet, but maybe because he asserts that he is a Christian now, they have chosen to ignore the Moslem connection.
As for Obama's denial of the Islamic connection, the question should be, would he have a reason to deny or whitewash any such connection? Given the present conflict with the Islamic world, it would hardly be politically wise for any Presidential candidate to embrace Moslem roots at this point.
Here is a piece you likely won't find in the MSM, about the church which Obama apparently attends.
My intent isn't to disparage anyone's choice of churches, but strictly from a conservative perspective, a very liberal church tends to be involved deeply in liberal politics. In Christian terms, the social gospel, very much tied in with political leftism, is the hallmark of liberal Christianity. Certainly in our society Obama's religious beliefs should not disqualify him, but on the other hand, we as voters are within our rights to take religious affiliations and loyalties into account. In a world in which militant Islam is on the march, announcing its intention of establishing a worldwide caliphate and Sharia law, we are wise to consider carefully the Moslem connection of any elected official.
Here is another article that won't be likely to appear in the American media, regarding Obama's background.
Obama's candidacy will probably not be adequately scrutinized by the supine media in our country, and the GOP will tend to tread lightly with him because of his double minority background: black, with Moslem connections. The GOP risks being accused of 'racism' and Islamophobia if it makes much of his background. I've heard Republicans saying that 'Hillary will go after him', since he is her chief rival, and they seem to believe the madrassa story was her doing. They are counting on her to demolish his candidacy, but I think even Hillary will have to be careful in her criticism of Obama, since she risks offending her ultra-PC base by going after him. They may end up being running mates; it would go over well with their multicultist base.
But there should be some scrutiny of Obama because of his Moslem connections, and we can't rely on the dishonest, PC media to do the necessary examining.

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