'Tidal wave of immigrants'
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Tiberge at Galliawatch writes about the influx of immigrants in the wake of the unrest in the Arab world.
It does seem that in the decades since our borders were opened by traitorous elites, every war or upheaval, even of a relatively minor nature, is a pretext for yet more waves of immigrants and 'refugees' from the affected countries. How long can this go on?
It seems there is some resistance to it in France, with members of the Bloc Identitaire organizing a protest.
Tiberge links to this Novopress article (in French) and translates excerpts from it. The events that have been shaking the Maghrebin countries may trigger a new wave of immigration to Europe. This wave has indeed already begun with the arrival of more than 6300 immigrants on the Italian island of Lampedusa, which is only a port of call for the migrants. Their destination of choice is France, where a good number of these Tunisians have already arrived, eager to benefit from the Welfare State's generosity towards illegal immigrants. [...]
In Lampedusa, those arriving from Tunisia are becoming less numerous, but Italy now fears a migratory wave from the coast of Libya. Thousands of refugees fleeing Libya are in fact rushing to the Tunisian border.
While French people were hoping that a "democratization" in the Maghreb might result in a return to the homeland for many "political refugees" who came to France to escape the regimes that have now fallen, it is, on the contrary, a new migratory submersion that they may be confronted with, if drastic political measures are not taken immediately.''
The situation sounds dire. We know that for some time the EU has been discussing the supposed 'need' for 50 million more African immigrants. Needless to say, that would be the end of Europe as we've known it.
It seems that no matter what the occasion, the answer is always 'more immigration' from the Third World. Surely the people who are promoting this and forcing it on unwilling populations are obsessed, fanatical, monomaniacal. I suppose they have many 'reasons' for fomenting the unrest in the Middle East, but immigration and further population replacement seems to be an all-important priority for them.
Europe at least has some signs of life in resisting this onslaught. Do we have anything comparable here? I hope nobody mentions 'the Tea Party' because they show little inclination to talk about anything politically incorrect or risky.
As for Europe, the EU is every bit as totalitarian as the old Soviet Union was. They know what they are doing here; it is no accident.

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