The latest random violence
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I am sure most of you have seen the video of the vicious beating incident at a Baltimore McDonald's. It's been all over the Internet, though I would be surprised if the TV news channels would touch it because of the racial aspect.
I refrained from embedding it here, but you can see it at Vox Day's blog here, and read the discussion.
However the most jaw-dropping discussion of it for me, so far, has been this Free Republic thread.
It seems that much of the discussion there is not about the violence against a White by a number of blacks, but about whether or not the victim was a transvestite or transgendered male. I find it disgusting that some people over there on FR openly say that the beating was justified if the victim was a 'tranny'. I mean, I have no sympathy with the gay rights agenda, but nobody should be beaten that way, or have their injuries disregarded. In the video the Mickey D's ''employees'' stand around chattering and recording the beating on their cellphones, doing nothing to help the victim.. Male, female, or some third option, the beating is indefensible.
And here's the other thing that is staggering for me: do none of the White commenters feel any kinship or solidarity towards the victim? I guess the FR discussion illustrates what 'colorblind conservatism' does to your brain. Nobody seems to care that this is one of our folk being attacked and called a 'White B----' while those present stand around and watch and joke and carry on.
Once upon a time, White people had some sense of kinship and solidarity with their own. There's precious little of that among these 'conservatives'.
I invite you to watch the video -- if you don't have a very sensitive constitution, and to read the discussions - I am not sure which is more distressing.
Whether the victim was male or female, the beating was an outrage. These attacks (and there are many, lately) are against us all. And half of our people are so hopelessly indoctrinated that they are useless.

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