The demographic war
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Here we have the Houston Chronicle, one of the most pro-illegal immigrant dailies in the country (along with the Denver Post and a slew of others), presenting a piece on the 'border baby boom' in South Texas.
The photo accompanying the article is of an illegal (or 'undocumented immigrant, in the Chronicle's PC-speak) 'who just gave birth to her fourth child on U.S. soil, said she and her husband aren't trying to abuse the health care system. ''I don't see why they should deny a medical service if we're here struggling for this country," she said.'
Struggling for this country? Struggling for this country?
Struggling with Americans for possession of this country, most like; not 'struggling' in the service of this country, as she arrogantly implies. This brazen 'gimme' attitude is all too commonly expressed by many of these 'immigrants'; they say repeatedly that because they 'work hard', this gives them the right to be here, and the right to stay here, and needless to say, the 'right' to free medical care and all other benefits accorded to Americans -- and then some.
At least the article is fairly honest, for the Chronicle, anyway, in mentioning the problems caused by this influx of illegals, many of whom show up in our country and our hospitals specifically to give birth on the American taxpayers' dime, with the added bonus of having an American citizen child, an anchor baby.
And think of what this portends for the future: if 70-80% of the births in Houston hospitals are to illegals (and how many more to legal immigrants?) then in five years time, kindergartens and schools in Houston and South Texas will be overwhelmingly Mexican, and mostly Spanish-speaking.
I know that the pollyannas and bleeding-hearts among us are perfectly happy to give away their kids' and grandkids' birthright so that they can feel all warm and fuzzy and full of the milk of human kindness, and so that they can celebrate diversity to their hearts' content, but seriously, what kind of 'America' will we have when the Americans are marginalized and vastly outnumbered? Some of the obtuse and oblivious among us somehow blithely assume that America will always be America, regardless of who populates it. They cannot or will not see that it's the people who have made our country the place it is today; replace those people with an utterly alien people, (and it makes not a whit of difference whether they are 'hardworking' and 'Christian', as their silly defenders say,) and you will have an utterly alien country in a generation. Our progeny will be strangers in a strange land, and likely also second-class citizens.
Meanwhile, the Chronicle, true to its' pro-immigration slant, offers this article
Immigrants may give slumping U.S. housing market a boost
to put a good spin on the immigration flood.
We are supposed to cheer the 'boost' to the housing market provided by the flood of immigrants, and we are supposed to feel good that they can come and 'achieve the American dream', and generously help out the housing and real estate industry.
Never mind that many of the construction jobs tied to the boom are taken by illegals, and wages driven down.
And above all, pay no attention to the fact that the presence of 20 or 30 million illegals and numerous legal immigrants drives up the cost of housing.
And check out this brazen bit of spin by the Chronicle:
Once they do buy houses, many immigrants leverage them into rental properties or businesses."They know how to fix up basements and rent them out," said Joseph Natale, president of First United Mortgage Co. in Cranford, N.J. "They're not afraid of sharing with other tenants." '
Yeah -- they certainly aren't afraid of 'sharing with other tenants' - think of all those 'clown houses', with dozens or scores of people crammed together in a single-family dwelling. Think of the problems caused by that, think of the health hazards, the fire hazards, the noise.
But of course the Chronicle won't touch any of the problems associated with the overcrowding by illegals and legal immigrants.
I would love to ask some of these media shills, who are nothing more than paid liars, how they live with themselves? If they have an ounce of 'journalistic ethics' they ought to be embarrassed at the lies and the half-truths and the spin and the fabrications, especially on matters concerning immigration. Yet I am sure that in their liberal delusions, they think they are being compassionate and empathetic and morally superior people.
You'd think they could spare a little empathy and compassion for the many people being harmed by the illegal influx: people pushed out of jobs , people whose wages are driven down, people whose neighborhoods are rendered unliveable, people whose local hospitals have closed because of the strain of serving numbers of non-paying illegals, people who have had loved ones killed by illegal drunk drivers or other criminal illegals, people who contract some exotic disease carried by immigrants: drug-resistant TB, Hansen's Disease, Chagas Disease, and on and on.
The 'border baby boom' story is about one aspect of the border war: the other front is the shooting war on the 'border', which is an ongoing series of clashes: this aspect of our war with Mexico is underreported and downplayed by the MSM; I suppose they haven't yet found a way to 'spin' it and turn our Mexican adversaries into heroic victims there, so they just ignore it.
But the other and perhaps more important front is the demographic and cultural one. And the treasonous media work furiously to tell us that the war is not a war, just a peaceful 'migration' of hardworking, Christian folks who 'seek the American dream'. For a long time, the majority of us were content to believe that, and to shut our eyes to the fact that our country is being given away, stolen from under our feet. Our children's future is at stake. And many people ae now waking up to that fact.