Senate Amnesty Bill: Crunching the Numbers
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Here is a lot of useful info on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, S 2611, also known as the Amnesty bill, via the Heritage Foundation's Robert Rector.
An important paragraph here:
The Heritage estimate that 103 million immigrants would gain legal status under S.2611 explicitly included: legal immigrants who would enter the country under current law; illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S. who would receive amnesty; and the increase in new legal immigration that likely would result from the bill.
Also there is much good information in Ben Johnson's piece, Amnesty Intranational from FrontPage Magazine:
The concluding paragraph says
This Senate bill will comprehensively change our country and alter the dynamics of our workforce. Perhaps the House will comprehensively overhaul the Senate bill. Otherwise, the Republican Congress will soon experience a ''sweeping'' of another kind.

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