Politically Incorrect Nixon
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The New York Times is revealing some material from newly-released tapes of former President Nixon. As has already been disclosed from previously revealed conversations, it seems Nixon said some very politically incorrect things on abortion and on the taboo issue of race.
The left (and the politically correct ''right')' is wallowing in this stuff, loving it. It gives them even more pretext to hate and vilify a man they've already hated for decades, and now they can indulge in a new round of bashing. I could link to any number of faux-outraged discussions around the blogosphere, but I won't.
His latest-reported remarks will no doubt put him firmly on the same level with the left's favorite bogeyman, Hitler, though I think the reaction is over the top.
Were his words that outrageous? By the early 70s, it was already pretty risky to utter those opinions publicly, because the PC pitbulls were already on patrol to savage anybody who crossed the lines. But the plain fact is, much of the country held views not that dissimilar to Nixon's, whether in regard to his conversations with Billy Graham, or on the issue of abortion.
However, I am not sure that I would prescribe abortion as Nixon did, but in regards to interracial couplings, his opinions were probably in line with those of the vast majority of Americans.
It just shows how today's mainstream can so quickly become another day's thoughtcrime and villainy.

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